Best Books to Learn C Programming

Best Books to Learn C Programming

C Programming is a procedural computer programming language that supports lexical variable scope, recursion, structured programming, and, as a vantage point adopts a static type system preventing unintended operations. It is one of the popular programming languages used all over the globe.

Due to endless possibilities created by the language, great numbers of population are keen on learning C programming.  And to learn C programming getting along some textbooks is a great idea. Some of the best books to learn C Programming as per the recommendation of programmers are mentioned below;

  1. The C Programming Language

The C Programming Language book can be considered as the all-time best book to get started to learn C programming. It is a reliable source of dos and don’ts regarding C Programming as the writers of the book are the actual inventor of C Programming language.

This book includes every fundamental to complex concepts that you must know about the language. Teaching to implement the syntax into the code as a whole, it is a great reference guide for every individual keen to learn C programming. The book accommodates introductions and usability of arrays, functions, variables, statements, program structure, pointers, and UNIX System Interface.

So, this book can be globally recommended due to its detailed description and technical code reliability.


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  1. C Programming: A Modern Approach

Starting with the history of C programming to using the advanced features of C, C Programming: A Modern Approach can be listed as one of the best books to get started with C Programming.  Arranging the contents as per the difficulty level has helped the beginners and intermediates easy to get started. K.N. King’s C Programming: A Modern Approach has incorporated a comprehensive as well as detailed approach making it convenience for neophytes and, advanced programmers.  The book includes many new exercises as well as substantial revisions and updates in the 2nd edition of the book.  Since all the concepts and ways of implementations are well explained the book has been adopted as primary C programming text in many universities around the world. Hence, it is one of the best C programming books for concerned people.

  1. Learn C the Hard Way

Are you interested to learn modern c programming? Then Learn C the Hard Way is possibly the best choice to get started. This book doesn’t only aid one in learning C but also teach numerous advanced-level skills that count in the programming world.  What differs in this book from other regular C programming books is that this book lets you code right away and then explain what you did rather than letting you read paragraphs of prose and type in a bit of code here and there.

The book discusses skills like defensive coding, automated testing, illegal memory access, and breaking, hacking one’s code, etc apart from programming concepts i.e. files, linkers, arrays, strings, functions, memory allocation, libraries, data structures, etc.


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  1. Head First C

Want to experience extensive learning experience for C programming? Then Head First C is the one to fill in the gap. This book is a perfect match for the college level students interested in learning C programming since the book acquires the contents and style of college-level course. Not only aiding in learning C programming but also develops essential skills to become a great programmer.

Head First C promises confidence in you to be adopted with new skills in C programming world. The book features labs to test your learning of previous chapters. Besides, it includes specific projects as a test to self-realize the skill development in C programming field. This book is the best book for learning basic and advanced concepts of C languages. Hence, it can be listed as one of the best books to learn C programming.

  1. The C++ Programming Language

C++ is an extension of C programming. Bjarne Stroustrup developed C++ which encompasses object-oriented, functional, and generic features in addition to facilities for low-level memory manipulation. Being written by the developer of C++ programming language, The C++ Programming Language book is a reliable source of dos and don’ts information in C++ programming language. But this book aims individuals with some programming knowledge as its contents depict specific concepts of the C++ version.

Starting with the fundamentals of C++, the author has moved on to the necessary facilities of C++ which includes structures, functions, statements, enumerations, and unions.  The C++ Programming Language book discusses abstract mechanisms i.e. templates, meta-programming, classes, C++11, and the standard library which can be noted out as a bonus point for the C++ programmers.


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