5 Best PHP Books – Download Free PHP eBooks Reviewed by Experts

best php books - download free php ebooks

PHP stands for hypertext pre-processor. It is the scripting programming language designed for web development. PHP was designed by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994. The PHP code can be executed by Command Line Interface (CLI). PHP interpreter Common Gateway Interface (CGI) processes the PHP code.

It is licensed by Zend Engine. PHP is widely used programming language because of the wide variety of frameworks. A PHP framework is a basic platform or structure that allows us to develop web applications. By using frameworks we can save time as we don’t need to produce repetitive code and able to build applications more rapidly.

Most of the frameworks follow Model View Controller (MVC) fundamentals. MVC is an architectural pattern. Laravel, Symfony, Codeigniter are some of the popular frameworks of PHP. If you are interested in learning more about PHP and databases you can check out this article. We have listed some of the best five PHP ebooks that you can download in free pdf files.

Here are the best five PHP Books reviewed by the experts. Download free PHP ebooks below:

  1. PHP 5 for dummies

Author of PHP 5 for dummies is Janet Valade, also an author of PHP and MySQL For Dummies. She is an experienced web programmer and had worked as system analyst.

PHP 5 for Dummies introduces to programming and PHP with basic concepts of introduction and installation ideas. It is for any beginners, intermediates, and experienced people. The book has described about the features of PHP with suitable examples of their use. It provides full concepts of web sites, file manipulation, databases. Common mistakes and errors are also well described.

  1. PHP: A Beginner’s Guide

PHP: A Beginner’s Guide is written by Author Vikram Vaswani. The book is intended for new users of PHP programming language. The author claims that to read this book the readers don’t need to have prior knowledge of web programmes. It teaches by giving examples of basic concepts of PHP.

This book is suitable for HTML and CSS programmers, also mentions the features of MySQL and SQLite database integration.


PHP: A Beginner’s Guide 0.00 KB 234 downloads

  1. Pro PHP and jQuery

The book is useful for intermediate programmers who are interested in building Ajax web applications by using PHP and jQuery. It is written by author Jason Lengstorf.

This book provides informations about advanced PHP techniques, its applications with jQuery. It teaches how to use jQuery in Ajax, animation, client-side validation, and other topics as well.


Pro PHP and jQuery 0.00 KB 96 downloads

  1. Beginning PHP: 5.3

The author of this book is Matt Doyle, is a software developer, graphic designer, system administrator.This is a comprehensive book intended for anyone starting out with PHP programming. It gives broad ideas of PHP languages and its associated technologies. 

Examples and review exercises allows the readers to understand better and also to do work through at the end of the chapter. This book also focuses on other topics like MySQL databases, creating, and using strings, robust web applications and more.


Beginning PHP: 5.3 0.00 KB 114 downloads

  1. PHP and MySQL Web Development

PHP and MySQL Web Development- 4th Edition is written by experienced authors Luke Welling and Laura Thomson. This book is aimed for those programmers who already have little idea of HTML and its programming.

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The book provides a complete knowledge on programming and databases. A beginner programmer can also read this book as it includes basic concepts of programming language as well. The book discusses about the implementation of PHP and MySQL in real-world website.


PHP and MySQL Web Development 0.00 KB 227 downloads


These ebooks are best books for learning PHP and excellent resources for any beginners, intermediates, and experienced programmer.