7 Best Social Media Marketing Books – Download Free eBooks Reviewed by Experts

best social media marketing books - download ebooks

Social media, web-based communication tools, provides a medium that enable people to interact with each other by sharing information. Today’s time is the digital time and your business depends on social media presence. No matter if you run a small shop or large corporate company. The social media platform is a great tool to run your business marketing strategy.

If you want to learn about social media marketing there are lots of books available in an internet. Those ebooks on social media marketing help you to gain the ideas and knowledge on how to generate web traffic, increase visibility and turn your visitors to customers etc. Among them we have listed some of the best free social media marketing ebooks PDF available to download in the internet.

  1. Social media marketing: the next generation of business engagement:

The writer of “Social Media Marketing: the next generation of business engagement” book is Author Dave Evans. He is the vice-president of Social Strategy at Lithium and had published several books about marketing. Specially, this book is perfect for business owners, managers, and marketers. This book focuses on major topics-

  • Social media and customer engagement,
  • The New role of the customer,
  • Build a social business,
  • The social business ecosystem.

Here the writer discusses detail on development, implementation, monitoring, and measurement of social media activities. He describes how to successfully act on feedback from the social web, conversation monitoring tools, and platforms to accelerate the business innovation cycle.

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Evan has given lots of advices and uses case studies to give examples to his theories, which makes easier to understand the social media. People who are willing to have knowledge about social media must read this book. Here you can get useful advices and theory that everyone should know.


Social Media Marketing 0.00 KB 155 downloads

  1. The essential checklist for social media branding:

The book is written by Rachel Beaney. It is focused for any beginners and for startup owners which provides comprehensive knowledge on topics like importance of updating social media profiles, Us tabs and many more.

  1. Lead generations with Facebook ads:

Lead generation, simply known for attracting and converting strangers into your valuable customers. Blog posts, live events, online content are examples of lead generators.It is the second stage of inbound marketing methodology. This book is about a package of guide to lead generation. It discusses on different types of lead generation magnets, lists of landing page tools, drive traffic, useful checklist to build lead generation.


Lead generations with Facebook ads 0.00 KB 105 downloads

  1. Social media marketing checklist to avoid common mistakes:

Checklist is the most important thing for every social media marketer in order to keep track and follow-up of his/her work progress.

In simple words, social media marketing refers to management and presentation of the content. This book helps you to avoid simple and common mistakes that every marketers do. Minimizing mistakes means a lot in digital competing field.

  1. Mainstream Social Media:

The dominating social media sites like MySpace, Facebook provides a great platform to increase marketing and website traffic. This eBook is written by Jerry Holliday. The book has presented the data and surveys from the sources for the comparison of the growth of Social Networking Sites. These data help us to get profitable insights.


Mainstream Social Media 0.00 KB 98 downloads

  1. Social Media Marketing GPS: A Guide to Social Media:

The author of this book is Toby Bloomberg. It uses simple words that will help you understand social media marketing.

The book provides information and advantages of using social media in easy terms. It explains on how conventional method has overcome the old-school broadcast practices.


Social Media Marketing GPS 0.00 KB 103 downloads

  1. Social media for business:

Written by author Warren Knight. He is a specialist in B2B Social Media.

In this book he explains short history of social media in his first lesson. The book describes briefly about social networking sites, social bookmarking, and its site, which helps us to know how to build the right strategy for our growing business around social media.


Social media for business 0.00 KB 114 downloads


Social media marketing increase awareness about your business that help to connect with your valuable customers and increase your leads. It increases your business visibility, improves brand loyalty, and many more. We hope given books on social media marketing will help you gain some important insights on this vital digital marketing aspect.