Hitler’s Second Book by Adolf Hitler:Book Review

Hitler's Second Book by Adolf Hitler Book Review

Hitler’s second book was originally written by Adolf Hitler himself. It is a critical mark in history that represents a central historical figure, Hitler’s character as a politician. Many of us have different views regarding Adolf Hitler, but after reading the book those views begin to change and to some extent soften. The book defines that it was not Hitler’s intention to control the worlds or Europe but he had the clear vision and goal of re-establishing the borders of Germany to their 1914 boundaries.

After getting through the book one can realize how Hitler was an economic and military genius. The book bears all of Hitler’s hallmarks: half-baked ideas, rambling thoughts, scrupulous writing including terrifying, sustained belief in war and violence as a way to flourish Germans. Hitler’s foresight regarding inevitable war with countries like the United States, Britain; were depicted in ‘Hitler’s Second Book’. Hitler has also elaborated about the themes he laid out In Mein Kampf in 1925 when there was little likelihood that he would ever become the head of the German government. But the theme he laid on the Mein Kampf gave greater weight to acquiring land in the east. As a consequence, yield foods and raw materials for a Germany that he believed was losing the Darwinist struggle for existence. 

Hitler’s second book mainly consists of analysis of Germany’s future policies towards France, England, Italy, and England. Through the book, he has argued that the Germans in the South Tyrol have to be sacrificed, in the act that borders of 1914 were not sufficient to the future needs of Germany. Bringing Italy as an ally, Germany could defeat the Jews and achieve its goal.

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Although this book was written by Adolf Hitler himself, Hitler’s second book was never published during his lifetime. This book is highly recommended to those who love to explore the life and principles of the well-known politician Adolf Hitler. You can easily have access to Hitler’s Second Book pdf. Just click on the link mentioned below and you will be able to download Hitler’s Second Book pdf for free.


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