Cesar’s Way Book Review and Free Download

Cesar’s Way by Cesar Millan Book Review and Free Download

Cesar’s Way: The Natural, Everyday Guide to Understanding and Correcting Common Dog Problems  by Cesar Millan is a great book effective for correcting dog’s behavior. It is very essential to maintain dog’s behavior to co-exist together. Moreover, Cesar through his guide portrays that it is essential for the owners to understand the needs and wants of their 4 legged companions. Millan explains the benefits of maintaining a balance of discipline, exercise, and love for your dog.

I agree with Cesar’s thought regarding dogs; a dog is born in perfect balance within them as well as with nature but as they start living together with human, different dog problems come uninvited. This issue turned out to be because the problem wasn’t with the dog but with the owner. It was found that most of the owners loved and let their dog do what it wanted. As a consequence, dogs went spoiled.

As per Cesar’s Way, dog’s psychology is based on the concept called ‘Pack’. Millan explains a pack consists of only two roles; one is leader and the next is follower. And if the owners do not or could not be the leader of their pet, then their pet will take over the role and start dominating their owner. So, the owners too need to consider their own behavior, lifestyle, and ways to connect with pet dogs in the correct way.

Although Cesar’s Way is not the book for those who are looking for the guide on how to train dogs but this book is best and must-read book for those who are about to own or own a dog. This book will definitely swipe away the issue and help you to communicate with your pet dog. Moreover, the real-life examples present in Cesar’s Way opens up a way for the pet owners to understand the situation and co-exist peacefully.

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