5 Best Parenting Books – Raise Your Children with These Reviewed eBooks Free

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Parenting is a learned experience. Parents get and learn ideas of parenting from how they were raised, books, internet, televisions, from their family members. You don’t necessarily need a biological relation to become a parent. But it is equally important to encourage, support, and attach the emotional, physical, social, and intellectual development of a child from infancy to adulthood whether they are their foster parents or real parents.

Before planning to become a parent each individual must gather some knowledge about how to be good parent. There are different methods to learn parenting but among them reading parenting books can also be the best choice. These books provide much information about child psychology, social awareness to parents. So if you are interested in reading here we have listed some of the best five parenting books that might be useful for you.

Parenting books you must read-

  1. Handbook of Parenting Volume 1: Children and Parenting

Different writers who are experts in many diverse aspects of parenting have written this book. The chapters in this book concerns about how children influence parenting. The book discusses on common related issues associated with parenting children of different temperaments like aggressive, extremely talented, autism, intellectual disabilities etc. and provide ideas of controlling and handling these conditions.

  1. Brain Rules for Baby

Dr. John Medina who is a developmental molecular biologist and a parent is an author of Brain Rules for Baby. He writes this book on research-based. From this book he shares some ideas about raising, and parenting children for making them smart and happy in their future. In order to make them smart small steps should be put ahead for child-brain development and optimization. In this book we can know the negative impacts of TV or any other electronics for children under 2 and other side effects.


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  1. Positive Discipline: A Guide for Parents

Discipline must be implemented to both parents and children. In Latin word it means “to teach.” This book provides information for helping with parenting experiences from time of birth to grade school years. This book focuses on positive development in children-parent relationships.

  1. The Explosive Child: A New Approach to Understanding and Parenting Easily Frustrated Chronically 1

The author of this book is Ross Greene. According to author explosive child describes by having behaviors like responding to routine problems with extreme frustrations like crying, biting, screaming, throwing items etc.

Dr. Greene is a clinician who has worked with those kids and concluded that they aren’t attention seeker or manipulative. They lack some crucial skills in adaptability, frustration tolerance, and problem solving. From this book you can get enough information and ideas about dealing and controlling the explosive ones. All the parents must read this book.

  1. 1-2-3 Magic: 3 Step Discipline for Calm, Effective and Happy Parenting

It is a great book for those parents who are new in parenting, and those looking for new ideas to handle their kids.

Dr. Phelan who is a writer of this book has written for the parents of children between ages 2-12. He focuses on maintaining discipline without yelling, spanking, or arguing with child. Following his 1-2-3 disciplines magic steps help for happy and effective parenting.


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Being a parent is a tough job although becoming one is a great idea. Parents are children’s first teachers, friends, and providers. They play an important role in their life. Parents share these three major goals like ensuring children’s health, transmitting cultural values, and preparing for life as productive adults. Parenting can’t be learned, only can be experienced. From these above books they can help you to be more caring, and loving parent.