Best Free Books to Learn English Easily

Best free books to learn English easily

English language is the dominant language in most of the countries. It is the first choice of language and also spoken as a second language in some of the countries including the Philippines, Singapore, etc. It is estimated that about one-third of the world’s population use this language. Knowing how to speak English makes our life easier than we imagine.

For example we can travel around the world, communicate, and make a connection with other people, handle business affairs, etc. without difficulties and relying on translations. This language is mostly used in social media, TV, newspapers, magazines, and radio films, documents, personal biography, and music videos. Now you might be thinking how can you improve your language.

Let us tell you it is not hard to learn English when you find the right book. Practice to speak, read, and write are the main essential methods to learn faster. Reading and speaking loudly can be the best way. You must learn grammar in the first place to learn faster.

Another way to read fluently is to choose the book that you have already read in your native language. This makes easy to understand and translate what you are reading. The selection of easy books must be kept in mind, spelling the pronunciation correctly should be highly considered.

Now you also might be wondering how to choose the right book! It doesn’t matter you are an adult, there is no harm or no need to feel shame reading children’s book. These books are the best option because the language is written is very simple and easy to understand. Another option is to read simple novels, comic books.

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Best free books to learn English easily.

  1. Learning English as a Foreign Language for Dummies

Learning without a teacher is a tough job but no need to worry about learning English as a foreign language for dummies book helps you to improve your English. Speaking English by making mistakes in grammar can be a huge embarrassment again no need to worry this guide book helps you to cover grammar, speech, pronunciations so that you can learn fast. After studying this book you will build confidence in speaking in no time.

  1. Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie

Novels are interesting and fun especially children’s novels. This is the children’s most popular one and can be enjoyed by all age groups. it is a perfect book for new learners and intermediates because of its easy-style language. Reading novels improve your vocabulary, general understanding techniques, gives more knowledge. when we are familiar with a story already helps us to understand the text faster and better.


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  1. Practical English Usage by Michael Swan

Practical English Usage is written by Michael swan for intermediates and advanced learners.

It guides on grammar, vocabulary, idioms, pronunciation, and spelling. This book includes explanations of a problem, examples of correct usage and typical mistakes. Explanations and example are given in simple everyday language.

  1. Free English grammar

To speak English fluent for new learners and intermediates grammar books play an important role. Free English Grammar by Mary Ansell can be a useful book for them. The book covers all the essential grammar parts and explained clearly by providing exact and proper illustrations. Exercises are also provided so that you can practice after studying. Doing exercises makes you remember and easier to learn fast.

  1. Lady Susan by Jane Austen

Reading classic novels can be the best idea to learn English if you are an intermediate learner. You can get inspiration from the writers. Lady Susan is the most readable book because the language is simple and easy to understand. You will be familiar with more vocabulary while reading the book. Lady Susan is an interesting story of a widow who seeks a second marriage for herself but pushes her daughter to marry a man who is much older than her.


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English is a language you can learn today! It builds confidence in us. These ebooks can be a great help for you to learn and speak fluently staying at home. There are thousands of books available on the internet we have collected some easy books for you.