Best Books Written on History

best books writteh on history

History, a study of past, usually described in written documents, sculptures, or paintings of any person, events, or places. History itself is a powerful subject because studying history teaches us about the past. Knowing the past allows us to know the present and directs us to view the present in a new perspective way.

Study of the success and failures of the past help to learn to avoid the mistakes and repeating them in the future. History provides depth knowledge of civilization and cultures. Here in this article, we have selected a few books written on history that can help you to get much-needed information. You can download these free books from the links given below.

Best books written on history:


Thucydides was a great ancient Greek historian born on 460 BC and author of the History of Peloponnesian War. He was an Athenian who had observed the war from the beginning. The war was fought between Athens and Sparta in the 5th century BC. Thucydides described the history of the Peloponnesian war into 8 volumes. In book 1 he explains about objectives of his writings, previous historic documents, a background of the conflict.

In his second book, he describes the strategies adopted by both sides. Book three discusses the Mytilene debate. Book four is about the new Athenian policy of aggressive expansion and victories and losses of war. Book five consists of the deaths of Cleon and the Spartan general Brasidas. Book six describes the weakness of the Athenians. In book seven we learn the defeat of the Athenians. Book eight is about the Athenian democracy fall.

  1. The last Tsar: The Life and Death if Nicholas II by Edward Radzinsky

Radzinsky is a Russian playwright and historian. He has published many books including the last tsar in English version. This book accounts for the life story of Russian Emperor Nicholas II. The writer digs up the solutions to most of the questions that have remained unanswered ever since the terrible incident in Ekaterinburg on the night of July 16-17, 1918.

  1. The History of Ancient and Medieval Nepal by D.R. Regmi

Dilli Raman Regmi was the first historian to write details of political, economic, social and cultural aspects of Nepal. He was a politician, an economist, and a historian. This volume deals with the period following the decline of the Lichhavi dynasty, which uplifted in the growth of geographical and administration of Nepal.

The book includes details about the political history of the Malla dynasty and the assessment of their economic, administrative, socio-cultural, and artistic systems. Covers a wide range of ancient and early medieval history. You can find maximum knowledge of history from this book. This book is useful for researchers and history students.

  1. The reign of Elizabeth I by Carole Levin

Elizabeth was the Queen of England and Ireland ruled over more than 40 years. She was the daughter of King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. After the death of her half-sister Mary, she was crowned as the Queen in 1558. During her reign, she established a good relationship with other countries, cleared the debt, and uplifted the economic status. The defeat of the great Spanish Armada was one of the greatest military victories; it established stable relationships and peace.

  1. Hitler’s second book by Adolf Hitler

Hitler’s second book is written by Adolf Hilter in 1928 but it was never published during his lifetime. This book is an unedited transcript of Hitler’s thoughts on foreign policy. It is the sequel of his first book Mein Kampf translated by Krista Smith. This book includes Hitler’s hallmarks such as rambling thoughts, pedantic writing, sustained belief in war and violence to ensure Germans would flourish.


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