Best Books to Learn Management Skills

Best Books to Learn Management Skills

A manager is a person who does the planning, organizing, directing, and controlling. These activities are very important for a manager because a manager does only an administrative job. He is not somebody who uses his mind of his own, he is not somebody who looks at his ownself while he is performing his duties. There are certain duties and responsibilities given to do to a manager. Frederick W. Smith said that,” A manager is not a person who can do the work better than his men: he is a person who can get his men do the work better than he can.” A good manager must have managerial skills. Managerial skills can be defined as the manager uses to assist the organization in accomplishing its goals and objectives. It is the ability to make decisions and lead the co-workers. Managerial skills has the following three categories-

  • Technical skills- 

These skills are needed to accomplish a certain task by a manager to obtain the goals and objectives of the office. Technical skills involve operating machines, production tools, and equipment, boost sales, and design various types of products and services.

  • Conceptual skills- 

Conceptual skills involve problem-solving skills, abstract thinking, and formulating ideas. This helps a manager to tackle any problems during his duties.

  • Human or interpersonal skills-

Human skills involve the manager’s ability to interact, work effectively with people. Managers with good human skills can understand the importance of trust. These skills help him/her to communicate, lead, and motivate his/her employees to perform better work. 

The following are essential Management skills-

  • Planning- a manager must have the ability to make plans, policies and organize office activities. A proper plan helps to achieve goals, develop necessary strategies, and highlight the tasks and schedules.
  • Communication – interacting with co-workers and clients with great communication skills is a crucial part of a manager. Clear communication allows the manager to prevent conflicts, and resolve issues. 
  • Decision- making- it is another skill which a manager must-have. Making a proper and right decision leads to success in the organization and the manager must have the ability to take responsibility for the results of his/her decisions. 
  • Problem-solving- a good manager must have the ability to solve the big and frequent problems in an effective way that can arise during his duties. Problem solving involves identifying a certain problem, tackling it and creating the right solutions. 
  • Motivating- it is another important skill of a manager. Motivating helps to increase productivity and employee satisfaction. Motivation can be done by appreciating employees’ work, supporting them, and providing rewards. 
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To learn the management skills you can read these ebooks by free downloading. The books with the links are given below:

  1. Management Skills for New Managers

Managing an office is not a simple task, it is very difficult when you are new at this job. a new manager must be prepared beforehand Management skills for new Managers will help you a lot. This book includes chapters such as roles of a manager, effective communication, performance management, etc.  

  1. 50 Activities for Developing Management Skills

To run any business smoothly and effectively a manager must have managerial skills. This book provides 50 activities of management skills that mainly focuses on problem-solving, communication, self- development, self-exploration, distance management, disciplining employees and many more.

  1. Essential Management Skills for Pharmacy and Business Managers

Essential Management Skills for Pharmacy and Business Managers book help to manage day-to-day challenges. The book describes the development and implementation of an effective quality management system in the pharmacy or retail operation that compiles with external standards. It describes how to create a peaceful working environment which will promote effective interactions between staffs and customers. 

  1. Think Smarter: Critical thinking to Improve Problem Solving and Decision Making Skills

Think Smarter is a book for businessmen, individuals, students, managers, which guide to train the brain. Thinking is the basic step of everything you do and we often end up making mistakes and misunderstandings. Critical thinking can be defined as thinking purposefully and enabling the thoughts which lead to make better decisions, problem-solving in a faster way, create new ideas. This book covers a comprehensive knowledge of critical thinking and decision-making skills. 

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  1. Time Management Skills

Time management is another important skill necessary for a manager. A good manager always manages his/her time, punctual on his duties. If you want to be punctual then you must read Time Management Skill book because this book clears the misconceptions of time, focuses on important chapters such as Symptoms of Poor Time Management, The Eleven Time Thieves, and more. The languages are simple, easy to understand and the chapters are short but provide effective information.  


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