Best Books to Learn Magic

Best Books to Learn Magic

We all love to have fun. No matter what our age is, especially if it is – Magic. Magic means illusions. Illusions to escape from reality. Magic is a performing art in which the audiences are entertained by illusions created by a performer or magician. The magic trick is one of the most entertaining acts. We generally watch the magical shows performing in the streets, or on television. We know magic is not real, our senses are being deceived, but we still wait eagerly to watch the reveal.

Some of the popular magicians were Maskelyne and David, Howard Thurston, Harry Houdini etc. The most popular magic tricks that are performed by magicians like pulling a rabbit from an empty hat, making something seem to disappear etc. illusions like making something appear to defy gravity, making a solid object appear to pass through another object, making something appear to move from one place to another and so on. 

There are several reasons why people love magic. Some of the reasons are-

  • People are attracted to virtual things
  • We like to believe the unbelievable things and feel the wonder
  • Amazement ends when the trick is revealed
  • Magic tricks are often performed during birthday parties, weddings, and other occasions; hence it has become a part of our life.
  • Magic makes us realize our innocence
  • Believing in magic makes us more comfortable that brings ease in our life.

If you are interested in performing magic tricks, you can read these awesome books to learn magic. 

  1. Mark Wilson’s complete course in magic
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Want to take a journey in a magical world to change your life? Then wait no more! Download Mark Wilson’s complete course in magic book then start reading it. You will learn the Art Of Magic. Master in illusionist Mark reveals the secrets to more than 300 classic tricks including tricks with cards, money, ropes, handkerchiefs through his book. The book has included diagrams and detailed instructions. This book is recommended for absolute beginners.

  1. Magic for Dummies by David Pogue

You want to perform magic tricks in ront of your family and friends but don’t know how to do then Magic for Dummies is a solution for you. The book features more than 90 easy to perform illusions that is perfect for any event or occasion. You will master in performing card tricks, disappearing acts, coin tricks, and always-popular mind-reading trick. Book presents photos, presentation tips for every trick.


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  1. Magic: The complete course by author Joshua Jay

Winner of The Olympics of Magic, Joshua Jay has published many books and appeared in popular television shows. In this book, he has guided the learners how to direct the audience’s attention, where to keep hands so that a magician can surprise the audience till the end. He has included the Ten Greatest Card Tricks of All Time, Conjuring for kids, and many more. The author provides a DVD that demonstrates 35 of them along with the book.

  1. Corinda – 13 Steps to Mentalism Complete Book

This is a fascinating book everyone who wants to deepen their knowledge in mentalism should read. Although this book was published in 1961, it has been reprinted a number of times. The mental effects and the psychology behind them are still valid till date. A number of secrets have been revealed, and with some practice, you will get confidence to do them on your own. 

  1. Tricks of the Mind by Derren Brown

Derren Brown is a television and stage performer who reveals his magical secrets through his book Tricks of the Mind. From this book, you will learn how to read clues in people’s behavior and spot liars, shows how to use the power of suggestion and improve your memory.