Best Books to Learn Drawing

Best Books to Learn Drawing

Drawing has been a unique way of expressing a deep feeling, thought, imagination, culture and especially one’s passion as a form of visual art.  Knowingly or unknowingly drawing has been a crucial part of one’s life. It is an overwhelming feeling to draw. Most of the individuals start sketching as a child and is carried out at any point of one’s life.

But it’s a challenging task to draw and can turn into extreme frustration to draw poorly. Fortunately, there are plenty of books that can hold our hand in becoming a proficient painter. Some of the best books to learn drawing that avoid misleading information regarding drawing are mentioned below;

  1. Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain

Betty Edwards’s Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain especially catches a side of how to actually see sketch as an artist.  It is a perfect book for those born with drawing skill as well as individuals keen on painting.  This book has included many practical exercises that cope with previous ideas mentioned in the text. However, this book is not based on how to draw rather holds general concepts that one can implement in their sketch.

  1. Drawing The Head And Hands

Enhancing the skill to draw a human head and hands as an object rather than a person has been the main focus of the book.  Andrew Loomis’s “Drawing The Head And Hand” is a remarkable choice for those interested in perfectly sketching human head. It’s a challenging task to paint a human head and hands but Loomis has simplified the task by creating a mathematical approach of drawing. He has depicted accurate yet simple ways to furnish proportions in the head and hands. Any leveled artists can easily get along his method.

  1. Perspective Made Easy

Before getting started with sketching, one must learn a fundamental skill known as perspective. For this Perspective Made Easy is a perfect book to rely on. Simplifying the concept of perspective, one can easily learn about horizon lines, nitpicky tricks as well as vanishing points. The author Ernest Norling makes sure that one catches previous information very well in their mind by driving them to use those concepts into different exercises time and again.

After following his simple method one can construct buildings and objects in perspective that might be based on any scenario.  Perspective Made Easy book will develop a powerful understanding of perspective and makes one crystal clear about how perspective skill is applied to every piece of art.


Perspective Made Easy 0.00 KB 2 downloads

  1. Figure Drawing for All it’s Worth

Drawing a figure is a laborious task and one needs a clear visual on how one is about to meet his imaginative vision.  Hence Loomis in his book has broken this difficult task into process. Through this book, he has taught interested individuals a way to see the figure, how to construct it and ultimately how one should apply the techniques in the figure room.

This book can be considered as the best choice if one is seriously into sketching human figure rather than objects like benches, buildings, etc.  At the end of this book, one will develop proficiency in drawing human body, techniques for drawing specific body parts and ideal proportions of the human body.

  1. How To Draw What You See

Published earlier in the 1970s this book can be considered as one of the oldest and reliable sketching guide book. How to Draw What You See has been reprinted accommodating more up-to-date information regarding painting techniques and concepts. The title of the book clearly speaks all about what the book aims at.  Following the instructions mentioned in the book can aid one to see objects properly and capture them accurately.

Flowing with the detailed explanation one can learn regarding shading, forms including perspective. This book is perfect for those who are new into the drawing world. However, the book can be disconcerting to those who want to be an expert in pencil sketching rather than getting into charcoal and watercolor painting.


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All these above-mentioned books can provide detailed instructions regarding drawing, sketching and painting. These books can turn out to be the best guiding books for you to gain proficiency in drawing. Hence you can go through the links mentioned below to download these awesome books to learn drawing;