Best Books on Personal Growth (Download for free)

Best books on personal growth

Have you ever though what actually are you capable of? Or at what level has your potentiality been used? Well, it all depends on your personal growth. Now knowing how low personal growth can become a barrier in achieving success moreover happiness, you definitely will be willing to increase your personal growth level.

One of the best ways to up-lift personal growth is to learn from the effective experiences and suggestions of the professionals. There are numerous experts who have jotted down their experiences and advices into effective handbooks.

So here we have assembled few such books to aid in your personal development. You can also download the books from the link mentioned.

  1. The Seven Hbits of Highly Effective People

Capturing the market for almost 25 years as the best seller in personal growth category, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People has pleased and inspired readers. Besides it has become a tool for empowerment, successfully changing the lives of different aged group people and profession.

Dr. Stephen Covey has offered an opportunity to figure out our impact on others. Moreover, the book encapsulates the strategies used by all those who are extremely effective. THE SEVEN HABITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PEOPLE, has inspired an individual to consolidate different responsibilities in one’s life i.e., personal, profession and family.

His powerful yet simple principles are worth reading, adopting into habit. You can download this book for free through the link mentioned at the end of the text.

  1. Think and Grow Rich

Even being one of the oldest books (1937) for motivation and personal growth, this book is still the best-selling book in this 21st century.  Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich can still be considered on the dot although it’s been over 80 years. Napoleon has assembled 13 principles of success into the book through which one can work out better to succeed.

Mastering his 13 principles of success; desire, persistence, the brain, the mystery of sex transmutation, decision, the power of the master mind, the subconscious mind, specialized knowledge, imagination, organized planning, auto-suggestion, sixth sense, and faith, is the key-path to succeed.


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  1. How to Stop Procrastination

Procrastination is one of the unwanted problems that majority of people face in their life. In fact it is that main cause for ineffective time utilization, unnecessary anguish, and lack of best result. Hence, Celestine Chua has written the book “How to Stop Procrastinating” providing a better guide for overcoming procrastination.

Chua clears 3 perceived benefits by the procrastinators by giving 3 excellent counterpoints. Moreover she depicts two major factors (Lack of desire and Fear) that cause procrastination. As an undeniable part she talks about why and how to address procrastination.

You can learn to stop procrastinating with Celestina Chua by downloading the e-book How to Stop Procrastination from the link mentioned below.


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  1. The Jim Rohn Guide to Goal Setting
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Isn’t it great if you have SMART goals set up for yourself? Well your answer will definitely be yes.  Through the eBook written by Jim Rohn; The Jim Rohn Guide to Goal Setting, you can light up your mind on why goal-setting is so essential? Jim discusses on how to set up SMART goals- Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-sensitive, to achieve success.

His book includes practical steps one can cover in-order to make their goals meet the SMART criteria.

You can set up your SMART goal by reading Jim’s book. Download the book for free from the link mentioned below.

Personal growth is an important part of person’s maturity, happiness as well as success. Maintaining a top level in personal growth means to overcome laziness, procrastinating, and become a responsible person.  So get ready to mature yourself.