Best 4 Animals and Pets e-books to download free

best animals and pets ebooks to download free

Animals, an immense part of nature has a great impact on human life. There are different unknown and fascinating facts and stories of animals and pets. People interested in having a pet should be interested to keep them healthy and well-behaved.

So there are numerous books and e-books published on animals and pets. Some of the best free animals and pets e-books are mentioned below with their synopsis and download link:

  1. Before You Get Your Puppy

Written by Dr. Ian Dunbar, Before You Get Your Puppy is a pet book that guides those people who aspires to pet a puppy. The book elaborates the methods to prevent predictable behaviors and temperament problems of their puppy. The writer has put into the words that ironically, the demise of many dogs are caused because of misleading, erroneous and bad or outdated training books. He has reproached himself for not being able to adequately advertise the easy, efficient, instant and effective way of raising/ training the dogs.

However correcting his mistake, he has published this book that will properly figure common, predictable   problems of the companion. Also incorporating the timetable for their development and growth, he has kept the dog owners and potential dog owners in merit. With proper attention and research he has included variety of dog friendly preventative measures and solutions.

In this book he has also emphasized the overwhelming essence of early socialization, internment, prevention and lure/reward training techniques.

Hence if you have your heart set on raising and socialize a dog, then you should be trained first. And to do so, go through the link below to download Dr, Ian’s book for free.

  1. All About Cats

All About Cats, the book that talks all about the cat tales: cat’s history, personality, health, cat life, habits and so on. Tygo Lee, the author of this excellent book elaborates the important part these loving creatures (cats) plays in our daily life and you will be mesmerized to learn about the cat world. Interestingly, he has depicted about the cats’ world from the perspective of same species, Freddy the Cat.

Including varieties of details in approximately 50 short stories, the author has made the book entertaining and educational. So it’s a fun, warm hearted, thought-provoking and easy reading in author’s smooth flowing narrative.

Talking a bit about the history part of the cats, it is described that the cats were worshipped in the ancient Egypt. This part of the book can be considered as the attention seeking part of the book.

All About Cats can play a great role in teaching a symbol of independence and hardship of life.

As Tygo has put all his heart in doing this excellent work, it is a real treasure for cat lovers. So, if you do not want to miss this inspiring, completely amazing and sweet after-taste leaving book, go through the link below to freely download this e-book;


All About Cats 0.00 KB 3 downloads

  1. Black Beauty, The Autobiography of A Horse

Black Beauty is an excellent work of author Anna Sewell written for those who work with horses with an endeavor to develop more kindness and compassion towards those horses. This antique and classic tale is narrated by a lovely gentle horse named Black Beauty. As the autobiography has been narrated by a horse, Black Beauty, the book is plotted from his point of view.

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Depicting the journey/life of a noble and beautiful horse born in prosperous environment suddenly takes a turn in harsh life where Beauty has to pull heavy carriages in all kinds of weathers in order to earn living. He is totally ill-treated and uncured leading him into critical health issue.

The book talks about animals creating the consequence of education for human like us and teaches how to treat each-other with kindness, respect and nobility.  So don’t miss out the classic tale about the gentle horse Black Beauty. Free download link has been mentioned below.


Black Beauty 0.00 KB 2 downloads

  1. Pet Expertise (Dog Training Guide: Basic Manners For The Family Dog)

Pet Expertise has been the best dog training guide book for the people out there who owns one and is willing to train manners. Written by optimistic dog trainer Jess Rollins, this guide will help you to train your companion in gentle reward based method.

As a consequence of the years of dog training experience, this guide to train you puppy can be wonderful, effective and fun job to you and your fluffy companion as well. Keeping foresight on potential aggression and problems that your dog might face, Rollins has provided an appropriate guide to socialize your dog.

Entirely incorporated with dog care guidelines, strategies and worksheet to aid in tracking progress with your dog; this e-book seems to be best. You can freely download this e-book from link provided below.


Pet Expertise 0.00 KB 2 downloads