The Road by Cormac McCarthy – Book Review, Characters & Summary

The Road by Cormac McCarthy – Book Review, Characters & Summary 2


The Road book review below will give you the glance if you should include in your favorites or not. The Road by Cormac McCarthy is one of his famous works. It is a post-apocalyptic novel and details the exhausting trip of a dad and his young son. It is over many months across a topography blasted by an obscure cataclysm that wiped out almost all life and industrial civilization.

About The Author Cormac McCarthy:

The Road by Cormac McCarthy – Book Review, Characters & Summary 3Cormac McCarthy was born on the 20th of July 1933 as the third child and has a total of five siblings. The author later moved to Knoxville in 1937, where his father worked as a Tennessee Valley Authority lawyer. In 1953, Cormac also became a part of the US Air Force and, for two years, served in Alaska.

Later on, Cormac McCarthy started his literary career in 1957 after he returned to the University of Tennessee. Some of his beginning works are “Wake for Susan” and “A Drowning Incident.”

His book, “The Road,” was published in 2006 by Alfred A. Knopf, which also won the Pulitzer Prize for Literature and James Tait Black Memorial Prize for fiction.

The Road Summary / Synopsis:

As stated earlier, The Road is a post-apocalyptic novel about a father and a son. The book has not got many names as the man, and his son is identified as the protagonist.

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Apart from them, there are other side characters including a little girl and a boy, a man with a shotgun and his wife, a guy with a bow and arrow and a woman beside him, a thief, Ely, and also some bad guys, including one from the truck.

The main story behind the book is to symbolize the drive of a human to keep going on and fight to survive no matter what the outcome is.

Theme Of The Road

Just like many other great books out there, The Road to has a brilliant story covering a wide range of themes. Some of its major themes are familial love, faith, doubt and trust, survival and perseverance, death and violence, dreams and memory.

Since the story contains only two main protagonists, a father and his son, the novel’s primary relationship is one of benevolent love. The two are like an entire world for one another.

The Road contains a harsh world, where it is survival of the fittest. The man tends not to trust people they meet on the way as no one is to be trusted. However, on the other hand, the boy tends to be more helpful towards others and even give away precious food.

Almost most parts contain the struggle for survival in a hellish world, where most have resorted to cannibalism. Even though the father and son show heavy perseverance with a will to survive till the end.

Another well-covered aspect is death and violence. As most of the living organisms have died, death sometimes is even personified as a character. Plus, the willingness to survive in people makes them do anything violently, whether it be killing or looting anyone.

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To be in peace in such a world could be difficult. However, the man and boy experience blissfulness in their dream and memory. Significantly of the past, where no calamities ever occurred, all was normal and fine, the man with his wife, and more.

Strength And Weakness

One of the significant strengths of Cormac’s The Road is that it ennobles the protagonist’s resourcefulness. The technique to find fast and smart ways to tackle any problem and difficulties becomes a lay-down skill.

As for its weakness, the novel might have a sci-fi novel’s all elements; there are also pieces of some squib that the holocaust was caused by religious extremism.

My Take On The Book & Review:

Nevertheless, in the end, it is a must-read book for all, as it also marks the return of McCarthy’s back to his powerful writing. It navigates you through a profound tale of a journey. Where there are no remains of hope, the love between the father and son and their willingness thrives them to survive even more. Plus, if you love reading the genre of violence and death, it’s a pretty piece for you.


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