The Murder on The Links: Book Review

The Murder on The Links Book Review

Agatha Christie’s The Murder on the Links is one of her detective fiction novels. Just as in some of her other books, she’s has featured Hercule Poiret and this is the 2nd novel featuring Hercule Poiret. The plot of the story is based upon the idea from the real event that took in France, in which masked man had broken into a house, and killed the owner leaving his wife bounded. Similarly, the story begins with Mr. Renauld, owner of the villa asking for help to Poirot fearing his own life in danger. However, when Poirot along with his friend Hastings reaches to help, they find Mr. Renauld was murdered last night. And this is where the actual mysterious investigation starts.  

I loved how The Murder on the Links incorporates the twisty elements that kept Poirot, Hastings and the readers as well off the trail. With multiple red herrings, Poirot fails to figure the actual culprit. I must say Agartha Christie has depicted more improvements compared to her first Poirot book, The Mysterious Affair at Styles. She majorly has become successful in gripping the readers’ attention with the flow of the story. I personally felt the story more interesting when Chief Inspector Giraud appeared as a competitor for Poirot and both of them had distinctive working procedures. 

The Murder on the Links book is a full pack of mysteries that hinge on multiple events occurring simultaneously. Following the technique, Christie has successfully depicted every character unreliable, as everyone has something to hide. Detective Hasting drew complications in Poirot’s effort being in love with a young woman named Cinderella. The Murder on the Links holds a trace of romance between some characters but does not sweep over the primary theme. Overall, the story holds enough twists, and mysteries to keep the readers entertained and engaged. However, coming to the end to find the actual murderer was a lady named Marthe who killed Mr. Renauld and strangled Mrs. Renauld just to get their money was disappointing in my view. Moreover, the murderer dies accidentally while jumping off the window. But, if you are into reading soft mysteries than Agatha Christie’s The Murder on the Links is one for you.

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