Woman on the Edge of Time Book Review and Download

Woman on the Edge of Time Book Review and Download

Marge Piercy’s Woman on the Edge of Time book is a fabulous unusual book regarding the future that is not be made prediction of. The story amazingly pulls you into the life of Connie Ramos, a mid 30 aged woman pummeled by poverty and people around her. Covering the issue of social justice, mentally ill-treatment, and feminism, Woman on the Edge of Time novel perfectly blends a time travel story.

The plot has been beautifully plotted back and forth in the time, portraying the difficulties and unpleasant moments Connie faced. The story begins with Connie in the present, where she lives on her own. However, in her past, she was born in a crushing family moreover, proven to be having mental health issues. Everything was back in balance until her niece brought her troubles back. After facing so much of troubles and pain in her past, she is once more dragged to be proven as mentally ill by her niece, who came to visit Connie. And once more she was cramped to a psychiatric hospital against her will. The story doesn’t end here, with her recaptured into mental asylum or psychiatric hospital.

More fascinating part of the story is that Connie is able to communicate with a Lady named Luciente in the year 2137. The time travel begins.  Luciente takes Connie to future time so that see can see fair and uptopic society. Here this time travel event takes place in her past. But with some escalated events Luciente stops meeting Connie. And Connie believes she has made a better future for herself. Perhaps Connie was a woman on the edge, of everything. She believes she’s a catcher, empathy and learns about what living can be, and how change is possible.

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This novel is highly recommended to those who like time travel reads. Although the book might sound a bit unusual and heavy, this will capture your mind and make you feel hard to drop it down until you finish it. You can download the book by purchasing Woman on the Edge of Time pdf from amazon.com. The Woman on the Edge of Time book download link has been provided below: