Why We Broke Up Book Review and Book Download

Why We Broke Up book review and book download

Why We Broke Up by Daniel Handler is a book depict the relationship failure between the teenager protagonist Min Green and Ed Slaterton. The story has rather been depicted in the form of a long letter written by Min to Ed than a story itself. For the creative and unique work Daniel Handler’s ‘Why We Broke Up’, have receives a Michael L. Printz Honor from the American Library Association. Besides love story with the breakup at the end, the story also portrays a deep friendship between Min and AI that might turn out to be more.

The letter written by Min elaborates why they are breaking up and moreover she packs up a box full of minor objects that held a significant value in their relationship. With every minor item that Min and Ed shared during their short five weeks of relationship, unfolds the true value and reason for Min to break up with Ed. Just as the book depicts Min kept every single minor object that was related to their relationship, most of us definitely do it, don’t we? However, now Min is returning each and every item back to Ed; with the explanation of what those objects meant to her. Being practical with our life, if we ever get into breakup we only see good things; everything that we will miss and we lost. And when the pain is not so strong we can see each and every detail, stuff, that were wrong to a point and have a thought this is why we broke up. Well, this is what the book is about.

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From a bottle cap of a beer that Ed and Min shared for the very first time to movie ticket from the first date, from a movie ticket of their first date to a box of matchstick from the restaurant they went after their 1st movie date, a pinhole camera, a rubber band, a coin, a toy truck, a seedpod, a torn Halloween poster that AI put up and Ed tore to write down his number, etc; this story was an amazing, real and raw story. While Min kept the items back into the box she narrated the story being regarded to each and every item. Why We Broke Up drags us up inside the head of Min without awareness and suddenly while being out of it, it feels wonderful. With each item, she explains their world was far more different from one another, and why it is better for them to split apart. Simply to explain Ed was cheating on her; he had been seeing and sleeping with one of his exes.

If you want to sink into the romantic tale with the feel of pain and regret Why We Broke Up is one for you. You can experience the feel of friendship, regret, identity, love, infatuation, lies and many more through this amazing book. You can purchase Why We Broke Up ebook from Amazon and Goodreads. Or else perform Why We Broke Up download from the link mentioned below;

Why We Broke Up by Daniel Handler and Maira Kalman PDF Book Download