Under the Banner of Heaven Book Review

Under the Banner of Heaven Book Review

Jon Krakauer’s Under the Banner of Heaven Book is a multilayered narrative covering serious topics like polygamy, unyielding faith, savage violence, and messianic delusion. Primarily focusing on Mormon fundamentalists; Lafferty brothers: Ron and Dan. Krakauer at the beginning portrays the story of two murders. Ron and Dan Lafferty murder their younger brother’s wife Brenda and their niece. In fact, they do not resist their attempt but they claim they had just followed the order of God.  Now through this book, Krakauer has put an endeavor to focus the light on the reasons they believed this.

After portraying the story of the murders, Krakauer associates the history of the Mormon Church. Actually, the history kicks off with the philosophy of Joseph Smith; people who believed in Lord Jesus could achieve divine revelations. I am satisfied with Jon Krakauer’s effort on justifying the Lafferty’s crime to Mormon fundamentalist teaching by relating the concepts these Lafferty’s used. Moreover, the concepts link the teachings that endorse polygamy.

Perfectly using the stories to cover up the history of Mormon Church, the upbringing of the polygamy, the FLDS,  denounced polygamy and FDLS yet continuous growth of these sect throughout different countries, exploitation of the people in these community and their escapes makes the read a bone-chilling one. The story clearly describes how peoples under FLDS communities were abused emotionally, physically moreover sexually, how old men at age of 50s and 60s add plural wives of 12 / 13 years. More disturbing is that parents gladly offer their under-aged daughters with misbelieve that Lord will provide their soul a place in heaven.

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I admit I couldn’t put the book down as it appeared to be more and more interesting. However, just like other reviewers, I do agree Krakauer repetitively returns back to the topic of the murders which is a bit un-necessary and unpleasant. Also, the inclusion of Elizabeth Smart’s story seems a bit weird. Although with so many details and stories Krakauer drives off on a random topic however he never fails to link them back to the main story, for what I would rate this story plus 1 star. Overall analyzing the book, I would rate it 4 stars out of 5. This book is a must-read if you are interested in Mormon history, polygamy and keen on understanding how the power of religious myth and culture lead to fanaticism. Since the book contains disturbing contents I would not recommend it to faint-hearted. If you are interested in this fantastic Under the Banner of Heaven ebook you can purchase it from Amazon. However, you can enjoy Under the Banner of Heaven pdf by clicking on the download link mentioned below;


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