Treasure Island Book Review and Free Download

Treasure Island Book review and free download

If you ask which is the review I enjoyed writing about? Well, my answer will be ‘Treasure Island’ book review.  In the marvelous tale of ‘Treasure Island’, sailing us along into the adventure of treasure hunt into an anonymous island, Robert Louis Stevenson weaves characters and scenes that will blow our mind. Coming across this most admired adventure Treasure Island novel, Stevenson provides us the opportunity to flow along the story and feel the tale of treachery, daring, and greed. The plot is based on young protagonist Jim Hawkins and his adventure to the Treasure Island.

An alcoholic ex-pirate Captain named Bill is drinking himself to death in Jim’s local bar. Jim finds a chest that belongs to Bill which had a secret map that had a mark of location with hidden treasure. After finding the map, he along with his ill father’s waiter Dr. Livesey, Mr. Trelawney and other hired men, voyage in search of treasure spot. Things don’t go smoothly just as they reach the island; a division of the team occurs with the greed of treasure. One team consisting of Jim, Dr, Squire, and few remaining trusted hired men. While, the other team consists of pirates, who were a part of Captain Flint’s crew who were thought to be trustworthy men. As the story progresses different adventurous events takes place, different twist and turns adds value to the book.

The reason why this book can be exclaimed as an adventure book is because every character in the story is involved in the treasure hunting team and every one of them are unreliable. Each character put an effort into getting the treasure by and for themselves.  Moreover, the characters presented are very complex to be understood. Although at the beginning of the story, characters might seem good, in the middle they are portrayed as evil. But again by the end more humanly nature can be seen in the character. The ending of the plot is even more surprising. So, is you want to be a part of Jim’s adventure, then you can perform Treasure Island book download from the link mentioned below;