The Wind Up Bird Chronicle – Book Review and Free PDF Download

The Wind-up Bird Chronicle Book Review and PDF Download

Haruki Murakami; the most renowned and valued novelist of Japan rarely fails to amaze his followers. “The Wind Up Bird Chronicle” by Haruki Murakami himself,  which I have recently read, was not less than what I had previously read; “Dance Dance Dance”. What I find in his novel is the distinct plot and imaginative read that totally drives us into the context and out of the world. Murakami’s “The Wind Up Bird Chronicle”, entangles different plots forming a whole new mixed story. Sometimes it’s weird and other time psychedelics, sometimes mysterious and other time out of the world. If you try to find the topic you will never get it, but if you let the context sink into your skin you will realize what an amazing story it was.

The Wind Up Bird Chronicle Summary, Analysis and Review

Yes, I do agree Murakami leaves most of the questions unanswered but that way of accelerating the context is what blends amusement in his novels. To come to the point, The Wind Up Bird Chronicle analysis made me believe it to be a mixture of detective stories with disintegrating marriage, sprawling drama, metaphysical speculation, and uncovering a bit of secrets buried about World War II.

The plot begins with a 30 years old man; Toru Okada, living an ordinary life with his wife; Kumiko. Eventually, things begin to happen weirdly. Receiving a call from unknown women asking for phone sex, Toru’s cat disappearance, moreover Kumiko’s disappearance, and as his search begins everything intersects: Malta Kano; a psychic prostitute, May Kasahara; sixteen-year-old girl, Noboru Wataya; a sinister politician, and a war veteran.

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Eventually, Okada finds out all these characters are connected and hence links up history to solve the mystery.  The Wind Up Bird Chronicle is a well-written book full of crazy stuffs; crazy characters and crazy plots. If you are into odd and mixed plots than The Wind Up Bird Chronicle book  will be the best fit for your read. Murakami through this novel has given the best advice that plucked the strings of my heart.

“Spend your money on the things money can buy. Spend your time on the things money can’t buy.”
― Haruki Murakami

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If you too want to get lost into the crazy plot of Murakami’s novel then try downloading  The Wind Up Bird Chronicle pdf from the link mentioned  below;


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