The Trial Book Review and Free Download

The Trial book review and free download

The Trial is a beautiful fictitious novel written by Franz Kafka nearly between 1914 and 1915. Although it was published in late 1925, The Trial by Franz Kafka was and is one of his best-recognized works.  The plot is based on the story of a man named Joseph K. who is arrested on his 30th birthday and prosecuted by a remote, inaccessible authority, with the nature of the crime revealed neither to him nor to the readers.  This book is really haunting as the end does not actually end, besides readers will be so much haunted by queries and unanswered questions. As I’ve read many The Trial book review, I found it to be more interesting for most of the readers while some of those readers have disliked it; maybe because of the complexity or else the readers might not be into the fiction novels.

The Trial novel leaves the audiences with a sense of perplexity. The appropriate use of trick to not mention any definitive explanation as to what actually happened or giving any logical sense of the events will really shake your mind. Well let’s forget about the readers, here even K does not have any idea what actually is happening around him; everything is strangely banging his life.

One morning K. wakes up to find out he is under arrest by two warders. He was surprised to be arrested without any cause and reason. Although he asked for the reason, the men don’t tell him why; they leave and he is allowed to go about his daily life however must attend the court the following week. He is given the address but not mentioned the time to attend the court.  Next week on the day he is ordered to be present on the court, he attends the court but is accused to be late for an hour and five minutes. He is accused of something he was never informed of. He then storms out of the courtroom and is hounded by the situation ever then.

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It turns out to be a real awkward situation for him as he attempts to prove himself innocent but doesn’t have an idea of what he is innocent of. He connects with many men like a layer (Dr. Huld), a painter, merchant, manufacturer, and his ultimate hope the priest but, nobody and nothing can get him off his nightmarish situation. Finally, on his 31st birthday, he is killed in the name of the law and his last thought during his final breath was about the mythical high judge that he had never been able to confront.

The Trial novel is an ironic piece of literature; its strange narrative resembles a dream; its events are pointless and impenetrable like a nightmare that stays with us forever. Those who are into fiction which portrays a disturbing realistic alternative world ruled by the oppression will definitely love this book. One can perform The Trial book download from the link mentioned below. The download will be continued in The Trial pdf version.


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