The Time Traveler’s Wife Book Review & Free PDF Download

The Time Traveler’s Wife Book Review

Released as a debut novel by Aubrey Niffenegger, The Time Travelers Wife is a smooth blending of love, romance, personal choice, fate, and destiny. This fantasy romance novel became a US bestselling smash and global book club swoon. The story plot covers the theme of dilemma of the Henry and Clare; a bittersweet love story caused by the genetic condition of Henry named Chrono-Impairment.

The Time Traveler’s Wife Book Summary

Their lifelong love story begins when Clare is at her age of 6 and she gives her picnic blanket to a naked man; Henry who is at his age of 43. Henry introduces himself to Clare and tells they’ll see each other again. And yes of course they do; when Clare is grown up (23 years old), they do meet in a library and Clare introduces herself to him but Henry claims he doesn’t know her.  Clare then shows him a diary with all the dates of his time-travel.

Eventually, both of them fall in love and get married. The most surprising part is that Clare is at the age of 23 and Henry is at the age of 31. Impossible, isn’t it? But that’s the context here. Henry’s condition of time traveling makes his future a past and his past a future.

The actual trouble begins after their marriage as Henry is frequently gone and Clare is left alone in the apartment. Clare wants a baby but has been through 6 miscarriages because of Henry’s ‘Chrono-Impairment’ and the developing embryo time travels out of her womb. Somehow, later young Henry visits Clare and impregnates her.

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Henry time travels and meets his 10 years old daughter and tells about his death. However, he keeps it a secret from Clare.  One day Henry suffers from frostbite and has to amputate his feet. Now it’s a rare chance for Henry to survive his future time travel without legs.  After a New Year Party, Henry senses he is about to time travel and never come back (die). And just as he anticipated he dies. Clare expects him to return but he never does until one day when Clare is 82 years old and 43 years Henry visits her to comfort her.

The Time Traveler’s Wife Book Analysis

As most of the people claim the story is too tough for them to catch up. However, I believe it’s a real emotional and heartwarming story as you sink into the story. The plotting is amazing as things’ happening in one’s past become a foreshadowing of what’s to come for another.

The whole thing seems fated and comes into full circle. I don’t want to recommend this book for children as it contains adult contain. The Time Traveler’s Wife clearly portrays how Henry’s condition affects both Henry and Clare and their relationship with each other and with others.

I would rate it 4/5 as The Time Traveler’s Wife book review and recommend it to those who love sci-fic novel with romance well blended into it.

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