The President is Missing Book Review and Free Download

The President is Missing Book Review and Free Download

Written by the former president himself; Bill Clinton, with the co-ordination of bestselling novelist; James Patterson, The President is Missing is an amazing novel fantastically stuffed with political thriller, drama, and suspense. Covered at a suitable pace and tempting details, the novel covers the attack on the cyberspace infrastructure of the United States (US). And US president Jonathon Lincoln Duncan steps forward above the politics in order to save his beloved state. He believes it’s his responsibility to ward off the massive cyber-attack that’s capable of wiping out entire online data and collapse the systems that support in running the country’s governing work.

The plot is based on Duncan getting engaged in a mock session where he stands prosecute for negotiating with the leader of a cyber-terrorist organization Sons of Jihad; Suliman Cindoruk. In the meantime, his daughter receives top-secret information about the cataclysmic cyber-attack; “Dark Ages” from Nina. Afterward, Ducan with the doubt that there exists a mole in their midst, invites Nina to White House for the information who arranges a secret meeting with her partner, Augie. Risking his life, Ducan decides to attend the secret meeting at a baseball game without his security force.

While he meets Augie, Suliman’s private army pounces on them. Nina is dead in the attack but Ducan and Augie are rescued by Ducan’s security force who reaches for them out of nowhere. Although Ducan and Augie are whisked away towards a safe house in Virginia, they are once more attacked on their way leaving their two security officers dead. Luckily, they escape the attack. Eventually, Augie explains Ducan that Nina and he used to work for Suliman and had created and released Dark Ages (virus) without knowing its potentiality harm. Augie also explains that the virus is about to activate one day after that will destroy the US’s entire online systems and data. So, in order to prevent it, Nina and Augie had been rushing to inform Ducan.

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Eventually, Ducan’s top cyber-security force believes they have figure out the way to crack and defuse the virus but what they had created did the opposite, it activated the virus and had only half-an-hour to defuse it. They try to crack the password but failed every time. Fortunately, cyber-security chief Carolyn Brock guesses the correct password and defuses the virus. Before the novel’s termination, Ducan confesses that he knew the password but didn’t reveal to defuse the virus by himself because he wanted the mole to panic and accept the malefaction. Indeed, he succeeded and with a proof proved that the mole was Carolyn Brock and her treason with Suliman.

This political-thriller story is compelling and on the other hand, the characters are realistic. The use of a first-person perspective, his experience, and effort in cracking the potential state problem and revealing the treason, raises our heart beat making it an interesting read. The plot twist at the end of the novel was unexpected and amazing. You too can read The President is Missing book by yourself and experience the thrill. For that simply perform The President is Missing ebook download from the link mentioned below;


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