The Man in the High Castle Book Review and Download

The Man in the High Castle book Review and Download

Philip K. Dick’s The Man in the High Castle is a marvelous science fiction novel that successfully captured the hearts of many critics. Thereby, in 1963, this masterpiece won a Hugo Awards for best novel. With a major concept of what consequence would have resulted if Axis won World War II, Philips has challengingly plotted this fictitious history. The Man in the High Castle follows three main groups of characters as they traverse through the tyrannical world. Although, as per most of the “The Man in the High Castle” book review with lower rating claim that the book moves too slow or the author seemed racist, it is not the case. Besides, the author wants to portray the caricature of the characters in order to uncover how deadly and evil these things can be.

Being the masterpiece of the 60s, the tale has been interpreted from several viewpoints, and moreover, they are loosely interwoven.  The plot is based on the fictional event that took place a few decades back when the United States lost a war against Nazi German and Imperial Japan. But, contrasting the event an author in The High Castle, named Hawthorne Abendsen writes a book named The Grasshopper Lies Heavy. The book simply expresses “Inner truth” that Japan and German, in fact, had lost the war. Reading the book a German Diplomat, Hugo Reiss gets furious and orders Abendsen’s assassination.

Concurrently, a Japanese trade official named Tagomy wants to buy an antique item from Robert Childan’s traditional artifacts store, for a meeting with his client Baynes. Although Baynes introduces himself as a Swedish businessman, he is a Nazi defector named Rudolf Wegener. And he is in the mission to reveal a top-secret mission of Nazi; launch a nuclear attack on Japan, to Tedeki, a semi-retired Japanese military man. While 3 of them meet to commence the meeting, they are apprehended by Nazi commandos sent by Reiss and Vom Meere (the commander of the German secret police). But, in defense Tagomi shoots them and later dies of heart attack with guilt of doing a violence which he never wanted to do.

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Meanwhile, another story that The Man in the High Castle novel has to unfold revolves around Juliana Frink who is the ex-wife of Frank (a Jewish jewelry maker fired from the job who later on starts his own jewelry business and sell fake antiques and jewelry to Childan). After breaking up with Frank she started dating an Italian truck driver named Joe Cinnadella. One day they go on a road trip to Denver, Colorado. During the trip, Frink reads The Grasshopper Lies Heavy, and Joe insists on visiting Abendsen, the author of the book. Eventually, she realized Joe was sent by Nazis to kill Abendsen, so she kills Joe in their hotel room. Afterward, she rushes to Abendsen to warn him about the danger but she is shocked to find Abendsen and his wife left The High Castle and moved into an ordinary home. While she warns him about the assassination plan weaved against him by Nazis, he confesses he doesn’t worry about it. He also confesses he used I Ching, a source of divine fate and inner truth to shape the plot of his book. And then Juliana Frink is at peace.

Cover wide themes of identity, fate, destiny, alternate reality, racism, and prejudice; under one single platform, Philip proved himself as a brilliant writer. His imagination propels the readers into realistic and chilling world. The concept of driving a book with another book inside is a challenging concept that rare authors can follow. So, I would recommend everyone to read this book. You can download The Man in the High Castle pdf from the link mentioned below;