The Jungle Book Review and Free Download

The Jungle book review and free download

Written by Upton Sinclair, The Jungle is a book of protest. Covering the story of a Jurgis Rudkus and Ona Lukoszaite, Sinclair has put on his best effort to portray the harsh conditions, exploited the lives of immigrants & poor people, and corrupted culture in the United States in Chicago. Most of the people have perceived it to be the story of the meat-packing industry, but it actually depicts the economic problem & hardness faced by immigrants, and cheating committed by people in high positions and other businessmen over the weaker ones back in early 1900’s.

The Jungle is based on the story of immigrants (as mentioned earlier; Jurgis and Ona) moving to America for the purpose of improving lifestyle and leaving their dream. Upon arriving Chicago, America Jurgis finds a job in a meat-packing factory where the owners didn’t care about the quality of meat, they would mix up any animals and birds just to increase the volume of meat.  Also, the factory owners hire extra workers in order to keep wages down. Young and Energetic; Jurgis, vows to work hard and earn better regardless of the danger and filthiness working in the meat-packing factory.

Eventually, his family finds an advertisement for the house to be sold. With the dream of living the American lifestyle, they come into the decision of purchasing the house instead of throwing their money on rent every month.  They believe that purchasing the house will be worth their money but who knows there were several hidden charges which drove them to economic hardness. Not only economic hardness, but his family drowns more into difficulties because of suppression from the corrupt politicians, and factory owners.

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Once when Jurgis received a one-hundred-dollar bill from a wealthy young man, he got cheated by the bartender receiving only ninety-five cents back as he asked him to change it. There are several such harsh cases; rape, suppression, death of food poisoning, pay cut off, etc, that Sinclair through his book wanted to protest and unite people to stand against such conditions. But unfortunately what he had aimed was considered in the wrong perspective. People only got angry about how their meat products were prepared instead of raising the voice for socialism.

This book, The Jungle does still portray the problem of some slum territories where people need to stand for the belief of socialism and eradicate the problem from every nook and corner of the world. If you are interested in reading this novel for free perform The Jungle ebook download from the link mentioned below;


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