The Island of Dr. Moreau Book Review and Download

The Island of Dr. Moreau Book review and download

Over a decade, The Island of Dr. Moreau is still rated to be the best among the classic novels of the Victorian era.  Written by renown H.G. Wells ‘The Island of Dr. Moreau’ is based on the idea that is thought-provoking, weird, and tangible in a parallel way. With unbounded imagination, Wells has covered the plot being based on the protagonist Edward Prendick who survives shipwreck being rescued by Doctor Montgomery.

Beginning with the plot after Prendick is rescued and medicated, Prendick along with Dr. Montgomery, M’Ling (Montgomery’s loyal bear-dog-ox companion), and Captain Davis head towards an unnamed island with animal cargo. On reaching the island, Captain Davis and Dr. Moreau deny to allow him into the island but taking pity they end up allowing him in.  However, he was housed in an outer room of the enclosure in which other islanders lived.  Curious Prendik wonder what exactly does Dr. Moreau research on the island, especially inside his enclosure which is left locked. Later he realizes Dr. Moreau is a notorious vivisector who was kicked out of England few years back as his gruesome experiments were revealed.

Next day Prendick escapes towards the jungle as Moreau experiments on a puma and puma’s anguished cry is heard. To his surprise, he finds a group of people who seem to be human but are grotesque hybrid of animal and human. While exploring he is chased by anonymous creature and he escapes back to enclosure. On the next morning, he attempts the chance to figure out what actually happens inside the enclosure as he finds the inner lock open. Terrified Prendick on what he saw rushes back towards the jungle and meets an Ape Man. Then he is led to a colony of similar half-human/half-animal creatures

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Suddenly, Moreau appears in the colony hence Prendick rushes back to jungle thinking he is the next target for Moreau’s experiment and tries to drown ownself into the ocean. But Moreau and Montgomery confront him and explain that the human-like bandaged creatures he saw inside the enclosure were animals he was vivisecting to resemble humans. Returning back to enclosure, Moreau further explains he has been in the island for 11 years and thriving to perform complete transformation from animal to human. Prendick feels secure and begins his life on the island.

Eventually, Dr. Moreau and Puma die killing each other, while Montgomery is broken and ends up being quite drunk. Later in the night, Prendick finds out Montgomery has been involved in some scuffle with the Beast Folk (hybrid half-human/half-animal) and is killed. Although being the last human on the island he doesn’t try to capture the throne of Dr. Moreau but settles there until he rafts into the ship inhabited by two corpses that drifted onto the beach of the island. Later he is picked by a ship after three days. As he tried to tell his story the chip crew didn’t believe him and thought him as a mad person. So, he decided to pretend he has lost his memory between the shipwreck and his final rescue and be prevented from being declared mad.

The Island of Dr. Moreau novel is truly an adventure story that keeps us on the edge of our seat from the beginning of the story till it ends. Wells is smart enough as he drags the reads uncomfortable compelled to question own self regarding what is ethically okay, and moreover, challenge them to feel things from different perspective that they might not always be aware of. Readers interested in reading The Island of Dr. Moreau book can perform The Island of Dr. Moreau download from the link mentioned below;