The Fault in Our Stars: Book Review and Free ebook Download

The Fault in Our Stars Review and Free ebook Download

John Green, an American author knows his best possible ways to make us giggle and cry. I must say his novels from Looking for Alaska to An Abundance of Katherines to Paper Towns, every book is precious. Besides, I found his book, The Fault in Our Stars to be more praiseworthy in my view. I literally cried reading the book. The way he has written the novel that deals with a sensitive topic like cancer in a subtle way and in an understated way adds extra value to the book.

The plot is based on the 16 years old cancer patient, Hazel Grace Lancaster and 17 years old boy who once had a tumor in his leg, Augustus ‘Gus’ Waters.  What tore me apart is that they hopelessly fall in love with each other with a short time left to live which only brings heartbreak in the end.  

Hazel hesitantly joins the cancer support group on her mother’s force. This is where she meets the optimistic, cheerful, extremely handsome, and charming guy Augustus ‘Gus’ Waters.  The way Augustus perceived life in a positive way instantly attracted Hazel. And the feeling is the same from Augustus towards Hazel. When these two young adults traveled to Amsterdam to search for the author of their favorite book, “An Imperial Affliction”, they embark on a roller coaster ride of emotions that includes love, romance, and sadness.

It becomes a disappointing moment for Hazel and Augustus to figure out that the author of their favorite book couldn’t give any of the answers to Hazel’s question regarding the mysterious conclusion of their favorite book. It was actually annoying twist that the author of their favorite book was drunk and surly when they met him.  

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Just as I have said before John Green knows his best way to make us cry. At the end of their trip, Augustus reveals Hazel that his cancer has returned back and is much worse than previous. Soon Augustus dies of his disease. During his funeral, the author of their favorite book also attends the funeral where he apologizes to Hazel and explains the book was about his daughter and he had written the book to reconcile himself with his daughter’s death. Hazel then copes with Augustus’ death and comfort herself with her family’s strength. The climax froze my heart with a bitter feeling. 

The Fault in Our Stars is a novel that teaches the value of love, and how one person can change our life. Moreover, the best lesson which we can learn from the book is that to never give up on enjoying our life to the fullest even if countless barriers come into our way. Filled with light-hearted and warm life and love story, it’s a masterpiece that everybody must read at least once in their lifetime.

You can enjoy this book to the fullest by downloading the Fault in Our Stars ebook. The download link for the book has been provided below:


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