The Dice Man by Luke Rhinehart – Book Review and Free PDF Download

The Dice Man by Luke Rhinehart Book Review and Free PDF Download

The Dice Man Book is a cult classic novel written by Luke Rhinehart. The contents of this novel tend to be humorous, scary, shocking, and entertaining at the same time. The protagonist of this novel as termed in the topic The Dice Man handovers the control of his life totally to a dice. What he simply did every time was decided six tasks, made up mind that he would perform one of them, and then matched each task with the no. on the face of dice. And whichever face that dice resulted, he would do the task accordingly.

The Dice Man Book Short Review

Moreover, there are many such decisions he took depending on the rolling of dice. One of them is; he kept a condition with own-self that if the dice rolled 1 then he would rape his neighbor’s wife Arlene or else he would go to bed. Indeed it did turn 1. Another such case is; keeping the condition to confess his parents about what he felt about them.  Eventually, he began making decisions just being based on dice. Much of his strange behavior resulted in a physical relationship with many other peoples. Now as this book contains many adult contains, this book is not suitable for children and adults who are not matured enough.

The Dice Man Book Summary

It is really amazing of Luke how he sticks with the central idea while applying it in each case and successfully amazes the readers. More impactful is to follow the idea till the end of the pages. However, after reading the book I believe it’s an illogical book with a ridiculous assumption. It’s not a masterpiece but definitely a thoughtful and thoroughly humorous read.

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