Private Peaceful Book Review and Free Download

Private Peaceful book review and free download

Private peaceful book is a short novel written by Michael Morpurgo. The plot covers the short story of World War I. Michael has excellently portrayed the way the characters have developed through childhood to war soldiers.

Here in this private peaceful book review, we analyze the brilliant blending of war, romance, friendship, and family makes Private Peaceful a great read.

Published in 2003, Private Peace is a story of three brothers; Tommo, Charlie, and Big Joe. The plot revolves around Tommo Peaceful’s flashback memory of what his life has been like up to now.

Book Summary

One night Tommo is standing awake assuming the night as the last night of his life as he is going to be shot by firing squad at 6 o’clock in the morning.

He remembers his entire seventeen years of life then; Growing up in a rural village in England with two brother and his mother, profound friendship and love felt for his brother Charlie and his friend Molly, Singing “Oranges and Lemons” along with his brother Big Joe, Secretly fishing and catching rabbits from Colonel’s land, Joining up the force to fight the Germans, and the event leading to the present moment.

The story encompasses all such moments that will make us cry and laugh and cry all over again. This Private Peaceful book is best for older children.

Just as Tommo and Charlie learned about the true meaning of the Great War, death, destruction, and fear; this book clearly depicts the difficulties of the soldiers’ life back in those wars.

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Moreover, Morpurgo has included postscript in his book giving the information on why numerous soldiers were killed by their own army and how many of the armies had to suffer from shell shock. Overall, it’s a sad tail covering the bitter truth of WWI.

Our Rating

I would rate 3 out of 5 as Private peaceful book review and recommend the reader to get a copy of a Private peaceful pdf from the link below.

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