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My Lovely Life is an exquisitely written thriller about a married couple who finds an unusual way of keeping the flame in their marriage ablaze. Well, the unusual way is homicide. The book revolves around the pair whose date and romantic nights involve killing someone.

The novel also broadens the extremities of the domestic suspense genre in the best way possible.

About The Author

Currently living in New Orleans, the talented Samantha Downing has given multiple hit books in her career. Her novel My Lovely Wife has been nominated for various awards, including CWA Macavity and Edgar ITW.

Furthermore, Nicole Kidman’s Blossom Films and Amazon Films have also partnered to make and produce a feature movie based on the book,

Apart from My Lovely Wife, the author’s other well-received books are He Started It, For Your Good, and Sleeping Dogs Lie.

Major Characters Of The Book

Unlike some books, MLW hasn’t got that many characters. The book’s main characters are an unnamed narrator, his wife Millicent, and their two children, Rory and Jenna.

Well, the narrator is a tennis pro at a country club. As for his wife, Milicent is a real estate agent and is a beautiful lady. The pair’s kids, Rory, are aged 14, and Jenna is aged 13. Amongst the married pair, Milicent is the unyielding parent, and her husband is a bit of a sinecure for their children.

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The family is like any other typical modern family, with an exemption, as the married duo share an abnormal avocation, serial killing.

Theme Of My Lovely Wife

As already mentioned above, many must have already guessed some of the book’s themes. It is primarily based on murders, suspense, thrill, marriage, couple, and love.

From the very beginning, it is pretty clear that the duo is in it just for the thrill of killing. Later on, as the story builds up, the suspense increases as to what extent they are willing to go to keep their marriage alive. In addition, the story also shows some parental love as the pair’s daughter goes through some phases, and the father/husband has a huge concern.

Synopsis/Summary Of My Lovely Wife

My Lovely Wife Book SummaryWell, a bond is created after Millicent’s husband’s use of deadly force to protect the real estate agent from harm, bringing a sizzling feeling to their life. The knot strengthens, even more, when they kill someone who is threatening their family’s stability.

And after that, the lovebirds find ways to slaughter on a planned and orderly basis, all while handling their children, social lives, and jobs.

As the killing continues, Millicent finds ways to spice things up. After they murder someone, they tend to link up that killing with a previous serial killer. Well, the duo succeeds in it, and it also garners huge news coverage.

However, the incident causes unintentional consequences for their daughter. Millicent’s husband regrets the direction the pair takes with their interest.

As for the ending, then Ms. Downing does something like pulling off a magic trick that leaves everyone in shock. The twists and turns are ruthless, and the puzzle’s pieces are delightfully and craftily assembled.

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Strength And Weakness

One of the major strengths of the book is that the author has pushed the tranquil suspense to the limits. And because of that, the novel is an entertaining and extremely sinister page-turner. Readers who are up for a thriller will be hooked. Furthermore, the story submerges the consumer in a worldview that substantiates the unusual and does that with proper authenticity.

As for the book’s weakness, well, it is a psychical squeaker. But later on, it immerses in the genre of horror, for which some people may not mind it tasteful.

My Take On The Book (Book Rating)

If you are looking for a thriller and suspense that will keep you on the edge of your seat, then MLW is the perfect book for you. The simple summary of the book is that the major characters love killing people. So, whether they are caught or not for their mishap, it’s for you to find out at the end.


GoodReads – 3.87/5

Barnes And Noble – 4.5/5

BookMarks Reviews – 4/4

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