Maus: A Survivors Tale by Art Spiegelman – Book Review and Free PDF Download

Maus: A Survivors Tale by Art Spiegelman Book Review and Free PDF Download

Maus by Art Spiegelman is a Pulitzer Prize-winning graphic novel for “The most affecting and successful narrative ever done about the Holocaust”. The contents and the art portrayed in Maus is really captivating. This comic clearly depicts the suffering of the Jews during WWII, and their struggles to survive the oppression practiced by the German Nazis. Spiegelman has cleverly used Mice, Cats, Pigs, and Dogs to represented Jews, Nazis, Poles, and Americans respectively. The comic’s plot is based on Spiegelman’s father telling him about the life he and his wife had in Poland and Auschwitz, the hardship of surviving, hiding from the Nazis, Starving, and struggling for safe place.

Maus Analysis

As you go through each pageof the comic it gets you more and more sinking into the time of the Holocaust. Spiegelman’s art and each dialogue make you feel you were one of them; Jews, doing whatever you could do to keep you and your family safe. We can sense how poor and rich Jews might have faced the circumstances differently even if each Jewish life was in danger. If one is rich, smart and moreover, have a better relationship with the personnel in the higher authority then such Jews have at-least certain percent to survive the holocaust or else one with no choice has to face the consequence.

Every day, every hour, Jews had to survive with fear within and risk their lives to survive. In this graphic novel lies a pain of every Jews that struggled and survived Hitler’s period. What’s more appealing that we can find in this book is that it holds two impactful stories; one of Spiegelman’s father and mother’s survival story and another is Spiegelman’s complex relationship with his aging father facing minor argument, and struggling to live a normal life.

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Maus Book PDF Download

Maus: A Survivors Tale is a perfect book depicting the history in an interesting way. It doesn’t fail to wrench your heart and learn how important it is to learn the story of Holocaust survivors. This book is recommended to everyone. If you want to read Maus: A survivor’s Tale then you can perform Maus pdf download from the link mentioned below;


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