Les Miserables Book Review and Free Download

Les Miserables book review and free download

Les Miserables by Victor Hugo, takes us into the deep Parisian underlying world conveying the darkest and lowest truths of French society back in the time of 19th Century. His marvelous piece of work drives us on above 1200 pages journey portraying the lives of criminals in French society, prostitutes, those struggling poverty, and moreover the law, justice, religion, love, and politics in French.  Although it’s difficult to cover every nook and corners of this beautiful novel in this short Les Miserables book review but I’m gonna include the major and my favorites.

There’s much more to unfold from the book as this giant book holds a story of several flowing parallel to one another. As the novel progresses, Hugo has successfully entwined the stories more and more. However, the main plot focuses on Jean Valjean who was sentenced in prison for 19 years just for stealing a loaf of bread and attempting to escape. I agree guilt must be punished but what we find in Jean Valjean’s tale is shocking, isn’t it? What kind of law and society was it to lock someone for 19 years as a punishment for just stealing a loaf of bread? In fact, moving on with the tale there’s more to astonish; he was just trying to quell his hunger by stealing a loaf of bread. Jean Valjean dwells on thoughts and decides revenge with such an unfair society until one day after his release he is covered by the kind man from being arrest even Valjean stole the silverware of that kind man. And this moment brought a twist in his thoughts and life. He promised his savior to live an honest life.

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Valjean afterward become an honest dude, moreover wealthy as well. Recovering from his hardship back then, he also helps many of those people who are facing hunger, poverty by doing whatever he could manage. But his new earned honest and rich life is threatened by the police officer, Javert as he starts recognizing Valjean. Another tale that entwines with Valjean is of Fantine and her illegitimate daughter named Cosette. Fantine works away as a prostitution to send monthly allowance to the foster family who contracted to take care of her daughter Cosette. But even in this tale of Fantine and Cosette, there is no peace and prosperity. Fantine has her own struggle to earn for her daughter and Cosette is abused by the foster family who are scoundrels.

After Fantine’s death, Valjean intervene Cosette from the scoundrels. Valjean even saves the life of Marius (Cosette’s beloved) and Javert (Police officer). Besides these characters another spoiled yet ferociously independent character is Eponine; one of two daughters of the foster family. Just as the title reflects “Les Miserables” meaning “The Miserable Ones”, all the characters are sad, complex and unfortunate to the point. However, it does not accumulate sad cry ending perhaps, serves the opposite; satisfying and warm ending.

In the end, Les Miserables novel is that piece of haunting novel that will haunt you for a long time even after you put it down. It doesn’t let a single chance to slip out of hand to entertain and shock the readers in a different way. Although the book seems too bulk and giant to be read with patience or to be read without dropping it down for months or two or even more, the book is too engaging and absorbing that you will ever feel to skip it. So, get engaged into the dark tale of past French society and ultimately collect the true feel of genuine victory over adversity. You can perform Les Miserable book download from the link provided below: