Leisure the Basis of Culture Book Review and Download

Leisure the Basis of Culture book review and download

Leisure the Basis of Culture by Josef Pieper holds a great lesson for this contemporary world standing out strong as philosophical classic even after 72 years of its first publication. With a sharp reminder to the people regarding why we work? So we will have time for leisure; the time when we can realize and learn from our lives. It is very true that we have become so influenced by the Western world that we barely have time for leisure. And this is where the problem begins; we are in the track of destroying our culture and ourselves. As Pieper’s Leisure the Basis of Culture portrays “Leisure has been and always will be, the first foundation of a culture.”

Majority of the individuals believe that all we have to do is keep doing, keep moving, and again keep going. But Pieper contrasts the belief by convincing to be still, do nothing, and then realize the feeling; fill the mind with ideas and generate insight. It’s funny yet true that we cannot get satisfied or feel happy if we keep on moving and end up working each and every moment. Besides, Leisure the Basis of Culture book unfolds the true meaning of ‘Leisure’ from what we misconceive today regarding ‘Leisure’.

Although many things have taken a turn since its first publication in 1948, but the issue this valuable book has covered is still important and relevant. Josef Pieper through his philosophy demands to try doing nothing at all instead of doing every time and see the difference. This book is a must-read book by everyone at least once in their lifetime. If you are keen on reading something deeper than this book is one for you. You can absorb a lot of knowledge. Download Leisure the Basis of Culture ebook from the link mentioned below: