Jane Eyre Book Review and Free Download

Jane Eyre book review and free download

Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre is a wonderful composition stuffed with wide dialogues that can touch one’s heart. The characters Charlotte developed might not have an appealing outer appearance but going deep into the story you will find an appealing heart. So, I must say Charlotte really has the talent to write better about passion, romance. Moreover, this stereotypical Victorian novel also includes the gothic element making the novel unique and special.  Portrayed in the topic is the name of our protagonist; Jane Eyre who although being orphan has her own self-esteem and pride that helps her to overcome the pressures she receives from others.

Jane Eyre’s life is totally wrenched and poignant. Her childhood has to be spent with her relatives; Reed family, that takes every chance to abuse her. At Lowood School, she was humiliated by hypocritical headmaster Mr. Brocklehust forcing her to stand on a stool in the middle of her class. During her time in Lowood School, she earns an honest and real friendship with Helen Burns. However, Jane doesn’t totally accept religious fatedness that Helen believed in and hence only took things as an inspiration. Jane from her childhood had the clarity of intelligence; she could recognize what was wrong for her and how mistreated she was.

After her horrible school life experience, she gets a job of governess in Thornfield Hall, where she confronts Mr. Edward Fairfax Rochester. Eventually, she starts falling in love with Mr. Rochester but he seems to have some past secrets. Between the story of Jane and Mr. Rochester is Blanche Ingram who might seem beautiful but is a greedy woman that loathe on Jane. On the wedding day of Jane and Mr. Rochester, she is informed that Mr. Rochester is a married man. He had been married to a woman named Bertha Mason. Mr. Rochester accepts it but explains Bertha is totally mad. Bertha was behind his dark secret that drives Jane away from Thornfield. Later on one day, she hears Mr. Rochester calling her name from the moor. Desperately wanting to have a look at Mr. Rochester she returns to Thornfield to find burnt Thornfield into ashes. On visiting Mr. Rochester’s new resident she finds him without his eyesight and one hand. Now they rebuild their relationship and get married.

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Bronte’s Jane Eyre novel also portrays feminism that passes the test of time with great ease and continues to have the society positively impacted. What’s more appealing to me is that Jane didn’t bow down in front of those who were powerful than her in terms of social status and wealth.  If you dig deep into Jane Eyre novel there are more to find. So, if you are interested in reading this wonderful book; Jae Eyre then feel free to download it from the link mentioned below


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