In the Dream House Book Review and Download

In the Dream House Book Review and Download

Written by Carmen Maria Machado, In the Dream House is a memoire expressed in several fragments. Talking about the trauma, the memoire depicts Machado’s abusive relationship. In the Dream House has been written in the second person making it the most innovative memoire I’ve ever read. The book burrows under the reader’s skin, and takes captive of readers into the body of the writer. Beautifully composed, In the Dream House; portrays Machado’s story of suffering as well as survival, however, it makes you feel you were there instead of Machado, that the house was yours, her girlfriend was your girlfriend, Machado’s pain as your pain and the abuse Machado endured you must digest and survive.

Most of the memoires are based upon a certain frame that is set up. However, In the Dream House sets up its own structure and formats in the first place, and then breaks away everything that has been set before. For example:

She loves you. She sees your subtle, ineffable qualities. You are the only one for her in all the world. She trusts you. She wants to keep you safe. She wants to grow old with you. She thinks you’re beautiful. She thinks you’re sexy. Sometimes when you look at your phone, she has sent you something stunningly filthy, and there is a kick of want between your legs. Sometimes when you catch her looking at you, you feel like the luckiest person in the whole world.

Despite their love-story started in a promising way, later every darkness is put into light; emotional abuse starts, violence starts, everything just slips out of hand for Machado. Besides, both the house and the nameless women becomes a dark nightmare for Machado. In the Dream House book is about a story that portrays a house that was not a house and a dream that was not a dream.

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She has illustrated the violence in lesbian relationships with the example which has rarely been considered and discussed. Carmen Maria Machado’s In the Dream House is simply an excellent book; stuffed with powerful presentation. This powerful piece of literature brings reader’s attention to strange domestic abuse. I loved this book. I believe Machado is an extremely intelligent writer; delivering a powerful and important message. For that, I would rate this book 4.5/5 as In the Dream House review. You can feel free to perform In the Dream House ebook download from the link mentioned below;


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