Great Expectations by Charles Dickens Book Review & Free Download

Great Expectations by Charles Dickens Book Review & Free Download

“Great Expectations” is the thirteenth novel by Charles Dickens. The Great Expectations book is being read and reviewed for more than 150 years. The essence of this classic is that it has survived for a long time and still read with the same level of interest. Needless to say, when we hear the name of Charles Dickens, our expectation already rises. When I start reading any of the Charles Dickens novels’, I surely expect this to be long, elaborate with intricate plots and full of finest elements of the art of storytelling. This is an obvious fact that Dickens is certainly one of the masters of storytelling.

Coming to the story of Great Expectations book analysis, the story revolves around an orphan named Pip. Pip is certainly not an ideal protagonist like a conventional hero who is physically and emotionally strong. When we talk about the Great Expectations summary, this is a simple and very interesting tale that is being penned in first-person narrative. The story revolves around the “great expectations” of the protagonist. This tale is also about perception & self-understanding. When Pip was young, he used to live with his sister and her husband. One fine day, his presence is at demand in front of a somewhat peculiar woman who lives in a grand house along with his niece. This is where the protagonist Pip’s “Great Expectations” began.

In case you are reading this Great Expectations novel for the very first time, but if this is not your Dickens’ first novel, then you would surely be able to predict the story’s plot and this will certainly be a little uninteresting. When I started to read the novel, I was able to predict some of the moves deep in my mind and they did not seem as astonishing or shocking as some of the readers believe. The plot has a peculiar tendency to drive itself forward which is very similar to other Dickens’ novels. I must say that the characters of this novel are absolutely original and firm but they somehow lacked an asset that I have found in the other Dickens’ novels. Just to talk of an example, one of the characters Miss Havisham was unable to impress me although the character was witty and showcased a lot of tricks.

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The overall pace of Great Expectations by Charles Dickens synopsis somehow depends on the timeline that was new to me. The story starts at a bit slower pace and after a few observations managed to gain the optimum flow when the reader is already familiarized with all the characters in the novel. If I have to give my opinion, Great Expectations novel is certainly not Charles Dickens best work. However, it has an essence which I enjoyed and I would suggest other avid readers give it a try. This might be the case that you will find it interesting. You will be able to form your opinion only when you start reading this novel. Please feel free to share your thoughts and feedback after reading this novel in the comments section below.

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