Firefly Lane Book Review and Free Download

Firefly Lane book review and free download

Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah is a fictional drama based novel beautifully weaved with the story of friendship. Well, not just friendship, a kind of strong-strong type of friendship bond between two eighth grade girls; Kate Mularkey and Tully Hart. Both of them sailed their boat of friendship successfully through numerous ups and downs.

More beautifully, Firefly Lane book captures the development of characters. One can find how they grow with their contrasting ambition and land onto the spot where they dreamed to be in their life. These inseparable girls at one point feel torn apart because of a single act o betrayal. With a question will their friendship turn out to be beautiful as it was before or will it dissolve toxic in each other’s lives? Hannah successfully captivates readers’ attention.

The story basically revolves around Kate Mularkey; who is an un-cool country girl, and Tully Hart, who is very gorgeous and popular. Kate is a shy girl who is pretty uncool and lonely. She always wished that things were different. Sadly, her closest friends too moved forward with boys on parties leaving her behind. I must say she is lonely! Whereas Tully was a heartbroken girl, her mother Cloud left her behind with her grandmother and didn’t return back for years. As she became popular at the age of fourteen Cloud came back to take Tully with her. Now Tully moves into Firefly Lane with Cloud and has to join a new school and make new friends. However, Tully too craved for the feeling of love that her mother never made her feel.

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During their needy time, both had the fortune to be friends with each other and by the end of summer; they are more than best friends. Their friendship remained as a strong tall pillar through 3 decades of their lives. Kate always desired to fall in love and have a family while Tully wanted to achieve fame and success following her ambition. Both of them possessed a dream that was like S and N pole of the magnet but they were like N and S pole that would always hold on to each other. But as they achieved their dreams, their lives became more and more distant. Kate begins to bear jealousies for Tully. Tully and Johnny (Kate’s husband) run a show where Johnny is Tully’s producer. What worked as a worse situation was Kate’s daughter idolized Tully, adding new jealousy as a consequence.  As Tully was more involved in Kate’s life, Kate berates Tully on the air of a live show. Now their friendship is scattered into pieces.

Both of them still possessed a kind of friendship within them but both believed that the other had to come asking for apologies. Simply their egos didn’t let them find ways to apologize to each other.  After months of baffling whether their 3 decades of strong friend-SHIP would sail out of the hurricane of jealousy and ego, or would sink somewhere in their jealousy and ego? Well, Kristin Hannah has cleverly weaved the plot here.

You will have good news and a bad news too. Let me start with the bad news, that is Kate is diagnosed with breast cancer and doesn’t have much days left. And the good news is that Kate and Tully make it out again, they recognize their gift of each others’ friendship. With no reluctance, Tully provides Kate with love, support, and understanding. She stays by Kate’s side until the last moment. It’s really touching, isn’t it??? Firefly Lane book by Kristin Hannah gives us the lesson of true friendship and touches our hearts and soul. I would rate the book 4 out of 5 as Firefly Lane review.  Why not rate it 5 out of 5?? Because I felt the book to be straight flowing and predictable missing as much surprises as I was expecting. However, the overall book is a brilliant piece of work by Kristin Hannah.  I would recommend this book to anyone everyone, generally everyone. This literally grows strong bonding with your best friend too.

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