Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant Book Review and Download

Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant book review and download

Written by the talented writer Anne Tyler, Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant presents us with a unique story of Tull family. Every character is presented in an interesting way. It’s all Anne Tyler’s writing skills that give so much clarification and keeps us engaged in what she wants us to be in. Although Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant has a different point of view, it has centered its theme on a singlefamily making it an easy and appealing read. It reflects the frustrations and failures that the family members, especially Pearl Tull, Cody Tull, Ezra Tull, and Jenny Tull face during different phases of their life.

The plot begins with Pearl Tull, a single mother of Cody, Erza, and Jenny who is closer to her death and recalling the memories. Their actual story begins with the love story of Pearl Tull and Beck Tull (father of Cody, Erza, and Jenny), who later on get married. After 20 years of their marriage, Beck leaves Pearl and his children. And From this moment onwards, their life seemed to change forever. Pearl with the situation and consequences; become sour, cruel, and violent which seed unhappiness and negative impact on her children.

Cody Tull (eldest son) develops jealousy, resentment, and anger over his younger brother Ezra Tull with the belief of more preference of Ezra by their mother rather than him. Eventually, he even marries the fiancé of Ezra; Ruth Spivey, which might show him more successful but is the worst choice for him. Even after the birth of their own child named Luke, Cody develops a feeling that Ezra was trying to steal his son, Moreover, he also certainly suspect if Luke is not his son but of Ezra and  Ruth. Consequently, Ezra gains a partnership in a restaurant named The Homesick Restaurant.  He attempts time and often to bring back their scattered family relationship together by getting them for meals. Ezra does seem to have the capability to change the hatred into love as he never struggles. Finally; Jenny is the youngest among the two Tull brothers. Jenny by the time changes over and over, growing from the serious self- deprecating woman. She goes through, multiple weddings and depression.

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In the end, the story terminates with Pearls funeral. Although the novel is stuffed with unsatisfied lives, unhappiness, and many more, Dinner at Homesick Restaurant is a page-turner. If you feel to try this amazing book than perform ebook purchase from the link mentioned below;