Dance Dance Dance by Haruki Murakami Book Review and Book Download

dance dance damce book review and book download

Dance Dance Dance book by Haruki Murakami is a sequel for his The Rat quartet. This impressive novel is made to be narrated by an un-named freelance writer. This appears to be more attention-seeking, making the reader’s wonder who the protagonist actually is? However, it’s a secret and to make him identifiable Murakami has used the term ‘everyman’. Murakami’s Dance Dance Dance book of fiction is a standalone novel but it is for the best results to at least have read his last novel A Wild Sheep Chase.

As per the novel, the protagonist is 34 years old and a typical fair man. He’s been divorced and a woman abandoned him. His friend is dead mysteriously. Even worst he has been a stint in his apartment for half a year. After being through so much of depression in spring he decides to return back to life, he takes a step to return to the society. He is increasingly troubled by dreams in which his former lover Kiki, who disappeared from the run-down Dolphin Hotel, where they’d been staying, seems to be calling him.

Later when he heads off to Sapporo to stay in the Dolphin hotel, he finds out it was replaced by a new building.  There he is confided by a receptionist who claims to have had a strange ghoulish experience at the 16th floor. In his investigation, he figures out that the Sheep Man (from A Wild Sheep Chase) is alive. The Sheep man advises him to dance as long as the music plays, so does the narrator, as he befriends Yuki, continues his search for Kiki; meets up with a high-school close buddy, and courts Miss Yumiyoshi.  Notwithstanding the protagonist is haunted by mysterious death and hinted of another world;  A prostitute he is familiar with is murdered, his high school close buddy commits suicide, Kiki too might have committed suicide.

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The book follows open ending so I would recommend Dance Dance Dance book to those who does not mind open ending. To give Dance Dance Dance book review, the book gives the experience of real thrill, so I would rate it 4/5. You can purchase Dance Dance Dance ebook from amazon or freely download Dance Dance Dance pdf from the link mentioned below.