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Honestly talking about the Crush Novel, I wasn’t expecting it to be a crush story that can drive you head over heels. Just as other crush books, I was supposing it to be filled with hide and seek kind of crush story but to my surprise what I found after reading the book kept me overwhelmed.

The story is surprisingly fantastic. Applause! for Lacey Weatherford, for having published such a great piece of work.

The protagonists, Cami Wimberley and Hunter Wilder were amazing in their place. The characteristics of these lead characters pull full attention into the novel’s world.

Cami Wimberley is totally sweet, beautiful, talented, and naïve to the point of obliviousness at times whereas Hunter Wilder is a bad boy, party lover, alcoholic, and reluctant to have a girlfriend at least for the time.

Also, Cami’s best friend Clay is a shiver growing antagonist that drives the story into several twist and turns.

At first, I thought the couple wouldn’t work out since Cami and Hunter both were not each other’s type and their interest was different.

Also, Hunter was into habits like taking drugs, alcohol whereas Cami putting an endeavor to join her dream college to be a musical theater major. But somehow they ended up having a crush on each other and played their part of role being in love with each other.

However, Clay wanted Cami to be more than best friends; he wants Cami to be with him. So, he’s into doing creepy things like kissing Cami forcefully while Hunter is watching, telling Hunter he will touch Cami however he wishes, pleasuring own self outside Cami’s window, etc.

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At one part it was more than crossing his line when Clay got involved in drugging Cami, and planning & attempting to rape Cami. This guy really led me through creepy feeling. Such a sick guy!

At the moment when Hunter enters the scene with a gun to Clay’s head gave me instant relief. Unfortunately, during the scramble Hunter gets shot by Clay and Chris (Hunter’s friend) rushes in and kills Clay.

After the scene, it was a bit safe condition but still, they couldn’t contact each other. At the end after revealing every truth that Hunter had to hid from Cami being an undercover cop, Cami forgave him and finally, they are together and happy. I really loved the climax of this novel.

A kind of wow feeling grew inside when the truth about Hunter; a kind of guy every girl wants and every guy wants to be, being an undercover cop was revealed.

Nobody would expect such truth from a bad boy into bad hands. Overall, Crush by Lacy Weatherford was a wonderful novel full of mystery, romance, and thrill.

In my opinion, it’s best suitable for the readers above 16 as it contains violence and sexuality contents. Crush novel is based on contemporary plot as well as characters are young adults which make a hit novel in this contemporary age.

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I would recommend every thrill, love story, mystery-loving novel lovers no to miss this book. So, I have included the link below to download this Crush ebook freely: