Black Leopard, Red Wolf Book Review

Black Leopard, Red Wolf book review

Marlon Jones’s Black Leopard, Red Wolf was published in Feb 2019 with an intention of reinventing science fiction and fantasy novels. Moreover, outside the influence of Western culture. This stunning novel of Jones’s is an initial book of Dark Star trilogy. Black Leopard, Red Wolf isn’t a magnificent book unless one cannot get sink into the words and lose oneself into the story. The story is enriched with numerous characters; all of them hold some secret. Tricky twists and compelling moments drag this Black Leopard, Red Wolf to the mountain top.

What really excites the most about this novel is the protagonist; Tracker’s story of family trauma which motivates Tracker to find the missing mysterious boy. Tracker had an abusive father and a despise mother, which he disowns and moves alone into his own journey. At the very beginning of the novel, he gathers a group of children who are either abandoned by their parents or are being up-brought by the witch but eventually loses those children. He considered those children as his own family because he sees himself as both betrayed child and betraying adult. ‘

Jones has cleverly with his impressive skill thwart any attempts his readers might make to care about why Tracker is hunting for the missing mysterious boy. It has been clearly depicted in the first line of the novel that “The child is dead. There is nothing left to know” for which Tracker has no reason to care about the boy. But in order to find out the boy he peers up with several characters; Nyka (shapeshifter), Sangoma (a protective healer of the lost children), Salogon (the Moon Witch), Sadogo (a giant) and Mossi (a soldier). On their mission of tracking the missing child, Tracker along with his team is offended by the dark creatures time and again to destroy them.

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However, the ending of the novel reveals Tracker’s failure to find the boy. Hmm… May be Marlon Jones is saving the part for his next series. The violence part included in this book; especially the ceaseless sexual violence turns out to be disturbing. But every part, every word, every moment and every character holds a great importance in their own place so that was a fine read. Overall, the book is amazing and I would like to recommend the readers to read the book with patient (Warning! Might be a hard read at first one or two hundreds of pages). You can download Marlon Jones’s Black Leopard, Red Wolf ebook from the link provided below;


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