Anna Karenina:Book Review

Anna Karenina Book Review

Exposing the controversy between tradition and freethinking Anna Karenina is regarded as one of the best tragic love story written by a famous Russian novelist Leo Tolstoy. It is acclaimed as the world’s greatest novel, which describes a life story of a woman breaking the rules of the sophisticated society in the 19th century. 

Anna Karenina, an aristocratic woman, risks everything she has, in pursuit of true love, and happiness. It is a story of love and guilt, Russian aristocracy, of the scandal of adultery and the artificial lives of rich people can lead. The novel has two parallel plots throughout the book: the tale of Anna and the tale of Kitty. The story of Levin and Kitty portrays the simple life story of Tolstoy himself, expressing a seasonal beauty of romance. 

Plot summary

Anna Karenina is a wife of Count Karenina visits her brother’s house in Moscow to convince her sister-in-law Dolly to forgive Stiva for his wrongdoings. Anna saves their relationship, although she has a cold relation with her husband. During her stay in Moscow she meets a very handsome cavalry officer Count Vronsky, they get mutual attraction and soon fall in love. The love affair is kept a secret from society and her husband. But at the ball party, the affair is disclosed by drawing everyone’s attention. Karenina offers Anna a difficult choice either go to exile with Vronsky but never see her son again, or stay with him following conservative society rules. Eventually, she leaves her husband and son behind to run off with her beloved lover Vronsky. She has to pay a great consequence as she is humiliated and criticized at every time at parties she would attend. That’s why she feels isolated, falls into a deep depression, and ultimately, she takes the worst decision in her life-suicide. 

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Levin falls for Kitty, decides to propose her, but Kitty expects the proposal from Vronsky. She rejects the proposal of Levin, which leads Levin to seclude the society and begins to live on his farm. Vronsky at the ball night dances passionately with Anna that leaves Kitty a disappointment and a heart sickness. Kitty soon realizes her mistake turning down a good and honest man. After some period of time, they meet again at a party; Levin proposes Kitty for the second time via a game of letters. Kitty accepts it. Before marriage he confesses his all wrongdoings in front of Kitty, she forgives him. The wedding goes on without any obstacles. 

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