Affliction Z Patient Zero Book Review

Affliction Z: Patient Zero Book Review

L.T. Ryan’s Patient Zero can be regarded as one of the best sci-fi books among others he has written. Published as the first part of the Affliction Z, Patient Zero holds a great potential to keep the readers stunned. Unlike other zombie novels, the story does not only focus only on the common folks, instead drives the focus over some members of the military. This book includes everything that a Zombie thriller novel needs to make a hit.

The plot begins with a SEAL Team which is sent to Southern Nigeria to rescue 3rd Ranger Battalion Company. Along with the SEAL team assigned into the mission is Sean Ryder who is an Air Force Pararescueman. However, Sean is unaware of the deadly apocalypse that can make his recent mission the last man one. The place they were deployed to run the mission was a deadly home ground for the zombies.

Patient Zero reveals how the apocalyptic began which becomes an extra point in appealing readers. It is the place where they are sent was a secret bio-weapon research facility. Once, an experiment goes wrong which outbreaks the disaster.  However, the plot set for this volume of the book makes this book apart from other zombie books; the breakout doesn’t take place in the first book. The entire book is stuffed with actions and dedicated to fighting within the secret facility. Eventually, protagonist Sean Ryder makes it out of the danger and later he is counseled that everything he faced was just figment of his imagination and he does believe too.

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L.T. Ryan has successfully made this story worth it of standing out of every other zombie story that I have read so far. Moreover, what adds value to the book is that readers get to confront the events taking place from various perspectives. The pace of the story is fast-moving which makes the story more believable and frightening. When the main character moves further into the story, he is in a dilemma as he is lacking information about what lies further. And when we drown into the story we find ourselves involved in the mission with excitement and nervousness to know what’s next.

So, I highly recommend this book to those who love post-apocalyptic survival thriller novels. I found that Patient Zero is full of interesting twists that will keep you engaged and consider reading it was the best choice. This interesting novel is just the beginning of the series so you can try its following volumes too which too have a good rating.  You can purchase the Affliction Z: Patient Zero from, the link has been mentioned below;